Tanks Are OUTDATED – Ashes of Creation has a TANK problem

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Tanks are an important role in an MMORPG. However as time has gone on has their role within a modern group dynamic lessened.
In today’s video I want to garner some feedback for Intrepid to use so come and join our tank discussion over in the dsicord:
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So because of the nature, timing and pacing of today’s video I opted out of an intro because it didn’t really feel appropriate. Rest assured though we still have plenty of intros planned (i’m far from out of ideas)
Come join the discord for our Live Tank discussion session however if you’re slightly late to this, i will be uploading the full transcript shortly so stay tuned:

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22 thoughts on “Tanks Are OUTDATED – Ashes of Creation has a TANK problem”

  1. I have been tanking since in all my games for a while and you make solid points however the main concern I have had is what solo gameplay will be like as a tank.

    Will leveling be super slow and boring, will I have the damage to fight someone off if I’m alone out in the wild, will I have damage to fight anything for that matter.

    I have been playing eso for a while now and the action combat allows for you to cast abilities while holding block so maybe they could have something similar but as a tank in eso you do literally 0 damage so if you want to go quest or farm you have to entirely respec your character and your not a tank anymore at all.

  2. One thing I think could help make tanks more fun would be giving them commanding abilities. A lot of MMO's have marker systems that anyone can use, but I'm thinking something a little more sophisticated that can allow the tank to direct and coordinate team mates in the dance of combat. Like one ability could tell the DPS to focus down the target, another could direct the off-tank to tank swap with you etc. The benefit of these being abilities is that 1) It officially signals to the tanks that it's their responsibility to direct the fight, 2) When team mates follow a tank's orders, you now have a mechanical way of detecting it, which means you can do something with that like give the tank a buff, which all leads to encouraging players to work together effectively, 3) It overcomes language barries when dealing with PUGs, because the team can communicate in a "common language" of in-game abilities essentially.

    Of course there is certainly an argument to be made that healers are in a better position for this as they tend to sit further back and aguably have a better overview of the battlefield, but healers already have a hundred things to worry about so I think that would be bad to add even MORE responsibility XD

    This would resonate well with PvP too, as context ping systems in games like Overwatch 2 already exist for this exact same reason.

  3. I think the blocking is fine but I would agree that a parry feature or at least a guard break.
    I should take damage after blocking 14 mobs whaling on me as long as it's not broken
    then it seems fine to me.

  4. Banger video, ive never tanked before coming from a WoW background but loved the extra responsibility i got from playing a druid and being heals / dps. This was great to explain all the tank side nuances between multiple games and how they all could work in ashes

  5. I've seen a lot of BAD feedback from you bit this one….. tops it all. TANKS are NOT BARDS we don't want to be Buffers wtf? you clearly have no PVP knowledge with Tanks at all I risk to say you never done massive PvP playing a tank before – so why are you giving sht feedback for our class? we want to be TANKS unkilable in 1v1 cenários and hard to kill in group cenários we want AOEs, CCs be the initiator in PVP gap closers chains to pull multiple players, disrupt the battlefield and stay alive that's what a tank is all about not party buffs…. that sht straight out of Pantheon for sure

    also increased damage against siege weapons? wtf? just STOP talking about shit you don't understand.

  6. FFXIV seems to do a decent job of handling roles, helping new players to learn the roles, and making newer players feel comfortable taking key roles. Tanks there deal with positioning, aggro control, swaps in raids, and usually leading the way in instances. I do agree with the part regarding PvP needing a bit more focus in something like AoC. Personally tanks are not for me, but more power to those that want to take on the responsibility!

  7. A tank can definitely be a damage menace in pvp, in the way that it bursts much more that it can sustain dps. This makes it something that you cannot ignore once it gets in the backline because it could heavily annoy it or even kill it (you don't absolutely have to focus the tank then, but rather control it if you want your mages to play the game). Also, two very interesting tanking abilities that Aion had, were the ability to grab an opponent into your team, as well as protecting an ally to suffer damage in his stead for a short while.

    With all of this together, Templars always have been a menace in PvP, as well as having long but extremely potent cooldowns they could pop in a mass PvP scenario, in order to lead the charge without being instantly deleted when focused by dozens of players

  8. DnD 4th Edition pulled heavily from MMO's and merged it with TTRPG. MMO Devs would do well to look at what they accomplished. Stop thinking in terms of Tank/DPS/Healer and start thinking in terms of Leader (buffs), Striker (boosted situational DPS), Controllers (debuffs), and Healers (barriers/heals/shields). For PvP, now its easy to balance all these abilities against each other and bring out a skill based combat. For PvE, now all components are important, but none are necessary, and grouping is no longer a matter of waiting for the right piece to show up.

  9. Looking foward for a kick/punt skill for the tank in addition to à death grip/"GET OVER HERE!!" skill. Also, some form of forced taunt that stay ON for a good 3-5 seconds, meaning taunted target cannot click away or TAB switch. Make them a PITA to deal with.

  10. Very interesting topic! I like your idea of tanks as buff dealers in big scale PvP, as usually there is no reason to focus them over a sorcerer or a healer (in GW2's 3 vs 3 arenas for example, guardians are usually targeted first right because they provide support to their team, unless they know well how to play, so people switch to a glass cannon instead).

    About the idea of giving them skills to destroy walls and siege defenses faster than a DPS… I agree but only if changing the skills/traits is easy. Tanks in Aion (templars) also had some "stigma" skill that dealt big damage on the fortresses' walls, but changing stigma was costly and annoying, and no one equipped those skills because in normal PvE they were useless.

    Also totally agree on the infinite block time: it shouldn't be a permanent stance, but something you use like you would use a dodge, consuming stamina, or for a short time anyway.
    But to "convert" more people to be tank, I would punish much more DPSs in contents designed for groups. With the big power creep that many MMOs have, you often see mages that completely ignore tanks and start to dps left and right. They even enjoy when they take the aggro (making the healer's life miserable), because they think it's a sign of having big dps, instead of being a bad player. If mobs hit you hard, you don't start the fight casting 4 nukes in a row, but you rather give 5 seconds to the tank to hold the aggro first. When the game is challenging, you must learn to play as team, and every class feels useful.

  11. I agree with the point, that blocking should be a more rewarding meachanic through timing it right.
    But then there is a counterpoint of an MMO dev I read ages ago, sadly can't remember what game it was anymore, that latency issues/lag could cause issues for players and therefor could lock a portion of players out of a whole role.


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