Ep 32 – Trim the Fat and Pick the Bones – Response to TheLazyPeon’s Ashes of Creation Overview

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5 thoughts on “Ep 32 – Trim the Fat and Pick the Bones – Response to TheLazyPeon’s Ashes of Creation Overview”

  1. Quick clarification: I misspoke in 11:14 and stated that Monster Coin events might have a chance to delevel the node. I believe this is not correct. At most they can shut down services for a while depending if they successfully attack certain objectives in the node. Just wanted to jump on that before anyone else has a chance to shake the shame bell at me lol. -Sechari

  2. Peon is just a commercial channel for new games to advertise now, there is no worth while substance there. His commentary and opinions offered amount to a Tucker Carlson but of MMOs.

    He uses hyperbolic statements to generate engagement. Personal justification based entirely on unverifiable claims that somehow make him an authority figure. His original content was popular but anytime he settled into a game it dropped off. Even though he put a lot of effort and love into the videos, and then as soon as he got mad and started bashing BDO his content blew up and he learned the power of negativity driving his algorithm.

    He stopped giving worthwhile opinions the moment they were aimed at views and clicks, not critique and discussion on topics he was passionate about. It's pretty obvious in the timeline of his content.

  3. Supposedly Molten Core wasn't ready for vanilla WoW. I'm on the side of holding features off until 1.1-1.3
    One thing about Ashes development, having all these features planned for the get go I think is a smart decision. Once they've fully mapped out that entire code structure they'll build from the ground up in a very efficient and scalable system.
    -edit Hit send before I was done. But anyways just saying, what systems need what permissions and on and on.

  4. And just a comment in world size, it didn't include the underworld. Also there is no fast travel or zones so the map suze will feel huge.

    The map size was maxed out under ue4, however under the ue5 that limitation is removed.

    And my last comment, why launch the game and and addsystems later instead of waiting a month or two for a more complete launch… they have no deadlines after all


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