Ashes Pathfinders – Episode 189 – The Spearhead [Ashes of Creation Podcast]

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In Episode 189 “The Spearhead” the Ashes Pathfinders join Phoenix (Simurgh) to discuss what it means to be a spearhead of a community in Ashes of Creation. We had some fun community topics and introduced a new feature to highlight live chat. All are welcome to join the live show on Twitch to contribute to the discussion via chat. Join us for another episode and help bear the torch for Ashes of Creation.

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5 thoughts on “Ashes Pathfinders – Episode 189 – The Spearhead [Ashes of Creation Podcast]”

  1. I would say ganking the starting area is a problem fixable ingame by nodes local to that area. If people are regularly ganking at the spawn location near a metropolis with a bunch of vassal nodes, etc.. those people are actively interfering with the progress of the node by pushing away new players that would most likely jump right into their node, impeding peoples ability to make alts in that area.. or whatever the case may be. That is something that is going to quickly gain the ire of those local mayors, local guilds, etc. I could easily see bounties being put on those players outside of the regular bounty system from them being flagged.

    Just imagine your node has this problem, you love pvp.. and the mayor has put out a statement offering a reward for patrolling the starter area and killing gankers on sight.. That is player driven content at its absolute finest. You get to go crack skulls for a righteous cause.. get paid to do it.. AND earn genuine renown amongst your townsfolk on a real level, not just a bar. You can't beat that.

  2. How did they get that footage of Faisal getting what he deserves?
    Also as a trad bowhunter I'm quietly positive with the look and the action of the bow in this clip. Bows in MMOs are generally unrealistic trash. This has a nice 'realistic' look to it, I'm sure there'll be plenty of legolas fast snap shooting but hey 😉 Bow with action combat and aiming etc would be really fun. But I'm not expecting arrow drop and paradox, what would be cool if you are wearing cloth armour that we got arrow pass-through that adds a bleed effect.
    Daedelus man, I have 7 char sheets already done hehehe

  3. I'm writing 10 comments today, idc.. xD

    I am someone who actually doesn't want to see all the cosmetics.. and was even turned off by how flashy and over the top some of the stuff has been in the monthly packs since the beginning. Its not entirely terrible because people will still have to earn gear up to the tier of the cosmetic to equip it.. but in general I was hoping for somewhat simple beginnings as far as gear goes. Just basic looking gear.. maybe some fine details and a lot of color choices.. but overall simple gear sets up until we actually get to the truly epic/legendary items. If everyone is walking around in glowing crazy looking shit after like.. a week or two.. I am not going to be all that happy honestly as far as that goes. It would have to be insanely bad for me to actually stop playing because of it though.

    I think the ability to turn off people's cosmetics is something they talked about really early on with the monthly packs.. but was just a brief aside they came across as a question or something they pulled from somewhere. Didn't hear anything else about it for a while… just assumed it was something that was set in stone and there was no need to go over it again. Then however long after that I saw another livestream where the question came up again and they completely changed their tune saying something along the lines of people having spent money on the cosmetic, and that this is what they want people to see when people look at them in-game, so it doesn't seem right to just let people turn that off.. but that there would be options to turn them off for performance reasons during sieges, etc. Which, clearly was disappointing for me.. It still remains to be seen if I would actually use it or not given the option. It may not be so bad.. but I definitely want the option there either way..


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