Ashes Of Creation – Development Update – September 30, 2022

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Ashes Of Creation is a brand new MMO still in development. Today we get a look at the Ranger and much more!

0:00 Start/Reminders
8:50 Basic Ranger Attack Update
58:19 Character Art Update
1:09:00 Studio Update
1:13:00 Questions and Answers

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1 thought on “Ashes Of Creation – Development Update – September 30, 2022”

  1. Nailed it guys…. Everything I seen and heard in this combat detail update hits the mark. Obviously, things will be polished like the birds, but the theme and core mechanics are ON POINT. Ranger movement looks as it should… a quick footed elf bouncing around a target, plugging it with rapid fire arrows while avoiding incoming damage. Screams Legolas to me. Super excited to theory craft some niche builds and playstyles. Choosing to go with weapon skill trees makes combat builds feel special and individualized. Things like debuff stacking and proc combos add another level of combat to a game. It allows players to design a build that synergizes dmg. Allowing them to build their own combos based on how they want to play. Giving skilled players a chance to perfect their rotation and pull off some "how did he do that" Combos.

    I HOPE that you plan on adding sets that highlight certain skill and playstyles into the game…. Crit procs, poison dmg, fire dmg buffs, roots on X spell impact, Debuff one attackers when dmg is received. ect…. We are past the era of base stat only gear, this is a tough chore though because proc sets Broke ESO on several occasions… I know intrepid is up to that task…

    I have been waiting to see where the "combat" direction was going before I had a full Overdose on copium… After this video I'm doped up like Charley Sheen .


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