Zone of Influence: Episode 4 PvP Please – An Ashes of Creation Podcast!

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Join Tom and Scott from BadCuzDad as we start this journey down the rabbit hole that is Ashes of Creation! Have our boomer reflexes resigned us to a life of carebear gameplay? We are joined by James to discuss all things PvP in Ashes of Creation.

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4 thoughts on “Zone of Influence: Episode 4 PvP Please – An Ashes of Creation Podcast!”

  1. Like Scott, I was a bigtime SWG fan (my first MMO). I had a bit of a different feeling going to WoW for the first year it launched. It was fun, yes, but it felt a step backwards in terms of rigid class structure. But the as years have progressed the biggest sense of loss in MMOs is the reliance on people and social interaction (something SWG excelled in because the players was the content – likely it wasn't by design because the game was only developed in < 3 years).

  2. I had a ton of fun doing naval battles in archeage with my guild so I'm looking forward to that. I can almost guarantee that they will not release the game unless combat feels good, like you guys said it's central to everything else that's going on and they know that. As far as Scott's concerns about classes, there's really only 8 and the abilities of your main class are augmented by your subclass choice. More like SWTOR than archeage the way i understand it, so I think there will be plenty of class identity and balance.


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