Will Tanking In Ashes Of Creation Make Us Sword and Bored?

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Jamie Kaos and Anie Lace talk about what we would like to see out of the Tank Archetype, Speculation on who the Sand Momma might be, check out this months cosmetic pack as well as some conversation over the desert biome!


3 thoughts on “Will Tanking In Ashes Of Creation Make Us Sword and Bored?”

  1. This game being heavy in the pvp aspect, how they handle tanks is important. I dont want to feel like an unbreakable rock wielding a wet noodle. I want to feel useful and be able to either do enough damage or be annoying enough with crowd control and debuffs to “aggro” players.

  2. I don't remember the use of Threat being implemented in Alpha1. I hope they put it in the game, for me it is a main part of the utilities.

    The different equipment may/will effect the feeling of pvp. There will be different equipment for with different abilities, one focused on mobs and the other focused on pvp. This equipment paired with your secondary augments should have different feels within combat.

    And as far as statues, it will be illogical to erect a statue from another race in your biome. Why would a desert statue be built in the alpine mountains. Unless there multiple monuments of her in different biomes, it doesn't make much sense.


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