Will Ashes of Creations Combat Pets be BETTER than other MMOs?

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Combat pets are one the better systems I am really looking forward to in the Ashes of Creation MMO, I think they’re going to be key for solo players or small groups due to them following the important trinity system of Tank, DPS and Support/Healer that you’ll find in most MMOs. I’ll explain what we currently know about the Combat pets even though we have very limited knowledge of them but what we do currently know are the most integral and interesting parts and hopefully, we see this system come to life in the following months as we get closer to an alpha 2 announcement.

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7 thoughts on “Will Ashes of Creations Combat Pets be BETTER than other MMOs?”

  1. So this week I'm jumping into Combat Pets and letting you guys know what I think about them and giving you the info we know so far.
    Let me know what you guys think below do you think they could add more or is it exactly what you're looking for? or will you even use this system?
    Don't forget to drop a LIKE, Enjoy!

  2. Pets could add an extra layer of synergies and customization to your build. Like, as a healer or bard you could have a pet sprite that will go and give passives buffs or heal incentives or a stack of some effect that you can cash in as a response to your rotation and abilities.
    Make pets part of your build instead of another character model on the battle field.

    Add more utility pets that help with espionage or collaborative pvp and create more immersion.

    A pet battle field sounds dope. It’s giving dessert riffraff vibes

  3. Good video once again my friend! You’re right on how important it is to the life and replay ability of the game. It’s these smaller systems that keep the communities alive. I love the idea of having legendary quests for pets or monthly tournaments that take place across the world. Being able to use them as utilities will be huge and will keep the system relevant as long as the game is alive. Can’t wait to catch ‘em all


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