Will Ashes Have to Settle for Silver? | Caravan Blitz | Ep. 5

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You can find Part 1 here: https://youtu.be/22CHvA5Q7Mg

Caravan Blitz is bringing you all the news, views and gossip around Ashes of Creation. Today we’re talking about New World’s effect on Ashes of Creation’s NDA Alpha lift, combat reworks, and how hard is it to hire right now?

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5 thoughts on “Will Ashes Have to Settle for Silver? | Caravan Blitz | Ep. 5”

  1. First here as well xD Quick question, have either of you two played Lineage 2??? Steven is heavily basing his corruption system from that game and since it works perfectly fine there I'm a tad confused as to the points and worries from the first half of this co-op video @[email protected]

  2. As far as Intrepids transparency I would like to see some measurable goal updates. Something like “we have X amount of building art done that we plan on” or “We are at X% server performance that we want”.

  3. Too transparent? That's kind of been the question since the beginning in 2017. Yes, Intrepid has made some mistakes and shot themselves in the foot a couple of times in the past, but Steven has learned a lot from those experiences on what he should, and should not, promise and/or disclose over the years. Overall, it has been a good thing, and the back and forth with the community has definitely influenced the game for the better. Maybe when Ashes is released, other game studios will take notice and follow along where Intrepid has blazed the trail on how to do open development.


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