Why There’s Faith in Ashes of Creation

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Ashes of Creation is an upcoming MMORPG
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41 thoughts on “Why There’s Faith in Ashes of Creation”

  1. I'm happy for everyone excited for Ashes of Creation but nothing can shake the feeling that it's a fantasy version of EVE Online for people that don't like the SciFi element. Freighting/Caravans, guild-controlled territory, nonconsensual PvP just because you're out in the world? Sounds an awful lot like fantasy EVE to me, dawg. I genuinely hope that it's everything the PvP loving crowd wants but I'm naturally worried that it will just become bloc warfare and in-game political posturing. I can't imagine another MMO where you literally need people to be ambassadors to other guilds/blocs.

  2. This dude is gonna have a rude awakening if Ashes is the last MMORPG for him. I hope the game does really well, but when you set yourself up with stupid expectations its never gonna live up to what you want.

  3. Full Prediction: game comes and out everyone gonna ride the hype train for few weeks, then everyone gonna quit bc of some ingame gearing/progression or dissapointing mechs. just watch

  4. Ashes of Creation is going to suck. There's an actual science behind it, but bottom line: too many systems.

    Ashes of Creation is trying to tie up dozens and dozens of systems together. It's either going to be overwhelming for people and turn people off, require guides to play and turn people off, or give such an overwhelming advantage to people who use guides that casuals will fall off. That's assuming they do the 20+ systems correctly, which so far everything indicates they won't.

  5. The reason why I don't have faith in Ashes of Creation is because Steven Sharif is known as a person who got rich through MLM/pyramid schemes. Them instantly implementing micro-transactions and referrals for money has be believe that he's not doing much different now. The game will have earned tens of not a hundred million in revenue before its even released.

  6. I think if intrepid follows through with the expectations they’ve laid out make make a good game which from what we have seen has been pretty consistent, it will be a popular game that will be around for a long time, the design of the game itself is bringing back the multiplayer in mmo.
    I personally believe AoC will be a good game and will release when it’s ready.

  7. Too many MMOs have let me down. I do not put faith in MMOs anymore. Come out and be great and I’ll be happily surprised and will gladly play your game once it’s proven it’s quality.

  8. AOC will do well, but I guarantee the loud majority will say its a shit game because most modern loud MMO gamers play theme park mmos which AOC isn't trying to fill. Most people who want an mmo to fill ur daily lives won't enjoy the game due to its risk-reward mechanics and how you can lose progress. All the big MMOS today have ZERO loss factor in them. People who think BDO is a bad mmo won't like this game. You'll see 🙂

  9. lol! The minute Blizzard implemented the group finder, I rolled a Shaman and funneled all my subs' gold into getting dual talent trees. I pretty much broke the game at that point and it got boring.


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