Why I'll always be Flagged for PVP in Ashes of Creation – Death Penalties Explained

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Ashes of Creation is taking a unique approach to PvP & combat, it is an open world where PvP is always enabled this is done through a flagging system that gives unique death penalties to players depending on if they are a combatant, non-combatant or corrupted. In this video, I’ll be explaining exactly what these death penalties are since they are so key and also giving you some other useful information that applies to all players in general. It’ll be great to see how these play out during Alpha 2 and how they affect players gameplay in this MMO.

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7 thoughts on “Why I'll always be Flagged for PVP in Ashes of Creation – Death Penalties Explained”

  1. So what do you guys think about the death penalty system? Will it affect the way you plan stuff and what feedback do you have on this system? Don't forget to drop a LIKE on the video and feel free to give it a SHARE and SUBSCRIBE.
    Cheers and enjoy!

  2. I’ve been saying the same thing to people; run around flagged! It will benefit you the player.

    But too many PvE peeps I know say that they don’t know how to PvP. “You don’t have to win the fight, all you have to do is hit whoever hit you back.”

    I have never seen a real difference between PvP play vs. PvE play. In every mmo, we the individual are as much a part of the environment as any mob or NPC.

    You don’t have to win. Just click a few defensive abilities and a few offensive abilities. You’ll lose less guaranteed, but I’ll wager, you will learn more about your spec than you counted on.

    Excellent vid!

  3. Great video I'll definetly be running around flagged even if I'm not really wanting to PvP and I'm out gathering just due to the fact that I'm gonna lose less resources, xp etc it just makes more sense in my opinion. With how corruption is at the minute I don't feel like bounty hunters would catch the person who killed me as they're probably running around with a friend who will get rid of there corruption or who will simply just pick up my bag instead

  4. I enjoy a bit of light RPing in my mmo's my whole attitude and playstyle will change according to which of my characters i'm playing. If i'm on my cleric main I will be helping people, dropping heals on random players and defending those in need.

    If i'm on my ranger however it's full on shooty looty mode, if i catch you with your pants down i'll take any advantage I can get, if I find you a sliver of health away from death… I will put an arrow in the back of your head and take your shit.

  5. Another brilliant video Dude! I had wondered why you had not covered this yet, it was worth the wait though.
    I'm on the same thinking when it comes to PVP I'll also be staying flagged it just makes sense like you said "it's a no Brainer" but also I suppose the system is a way of the fresh people and lower level players saying they don't want to PVP with anyone.
    Then it all comes down to the other player's decision if they should attack them or not. It's all about showing common decency but will they ?


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