Why I Quit Making Ashes Of Creation Content

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Taking a look at why I decided to stop making Ashes of Creation content. It’s probably not what you expect.

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27 thoughts on “Why I Quit Making Ashes Of Creation Content”

  1. I have always prefered your content to Narc's. There are only 2 AoC content creators I really like because they are grounded in reality, relatable and engaging and you are 1 of 2. It's nice to see your face again, even if it is only when Jupiter's moons line up

  2. The issue I see: Someone like Narc will be the go-to streamer since he’s built up his subs. Also, if Narc makes a video for another subject/game he will, at minimum, get quick views from people. Taking time is great, but id just pace yourself and concentrate on quality vs rapid quantity like Narc.

  3. Welcome back! πŸ™‚ I only follow a very few MMORPGs and don't really have any significant interest in other genres, so I have not watched any of your recent content to any great extent. To me, there has been a drought of AoC content over the past year save for when the monthly live streams drop. All games that cannot be actively played tend to follow that pattern. My son and I enjoyed your AoC content because of your personable demeanor and original perspective and we look forward to watching more episodes in future.

  4. Hey man… when we were growing together as creators you were the one I kept a close eye on and viewed as the one with the most potential. Your uploads kept me motivated to push harder and be the best I possibly could.
    I have a pretty degenerate mentality of self destruction when it comes to work ethic. Work for me is a therapy to help me work through my personal issues and creative expression is a major part of this… which ended up manifesting in the way my videos are today… I had this vision back when we were growing and I am happy to see it be realised today… you were a major part of this creative evolusion.
    But it is still a long way away from where I want it to be. I still have many hurdles to cross and ways to improve myself… As i said, I feel compelled to self destruct in the hopes that one day I can be forgiven for my mistakes.
    My advice to anyone who wants to grow a channel in this saturated modern age is… just be yourself… express your content in the way YOU want to express it because if you end up chasing trends and making content you think others want to see then it loses it's purpose (hense why my videos are basically 16 minutes of absolutely nothing… yet still has a sustainable audience) that lack of purpose gets reflected on screen. It's important to remember this. You have a personality people relate to and this will be an important part of your channels identity if you focus on this.
    I appreciated the effort you put into your videos and I hope to see you at the top during Alpha 2 πŸ’ͺ

  5. Hey man nice to see a new vid from you.

    I was thinking I might have to fill the roll of "kind of old" good ole' boy, for ashes content creation.

    You brought a grounded sense of realism to the ashes community with enough hype and excitement to make us "back in my day" players feel we had someone we could relate to.

    And legitimately I am pursuing content creation now because of your vids. Still working out the details and getting the wife on board, but hey maybe the community can use another good ole boy with game dev experience.

  6. It's time to call out Intepid. Fan fluid folks made it hard to be a constructive critic. Shut down as I was repeatedly called a Troll. LEX is a dangerous IT insider. Black box perhaps? My reasoning – just be honest and stop vilifying critics who care. I hope Intrepid secedes. But fighting 'city hall' isn't working. Be safe. Skaff.


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