Why I Believe Ashes of Creation's Latest REVEAL won't Delay ALPHA 2

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The main question surrounding Ashes of Creation is when is Alpha 2? And within the latest Livestream, we got a reveal that has made many people question if Alpha 2 will be delayed. What is that update? It is the map update which has increased the size of the map and changed the number of nodes within Verra. In this video, I’m going to jump into the important reasons I don’t think this update will affect the timeline of the release date due to some of the systems and tools that Intrepid have in place. You’ll see some of the gameplay they have shared with us over in the last couple of development update Livestreams. Ashes of Creation is a highly anticipated upcoming MMO with its unique node system, open-world PVP and intuitive combat.

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12 thoughts on “Why I Believe Ashes of Creation's Latest REVEAL won't Delay ALPHA 2”

  1. Let me know when you think Alpha 2 will Drop ? also, do you agree with the direction I have went with the latest information I put together here to make me feel we will get alpha 2 early next year? Any feedback drop below, feel free to give it a SHARE and a LIKE

  2. I believe that Intrepid is wisely treating Ashes development reveals as an iceberg. We only see the top maybe tenth.

    This way, they only give away the most mature accomplishments, ones that are the least likely to suffer major setbacks.

    I still predict Alpha 2 for June 2023, although I agree with your logic that it might be much sooner. But software development never proceeds as anticipated.

    I do hope there are a few server wipes. I don't see how you can test and update and test iterations of the Node System.

    I think Alpha 2 will be divided into three eras, Early, Middle, and Late, with Late being by far the shortest.

    Early will have Nodes up to Level 4, Middle up to 5, and Late will briefly have Level 6. If they have server wipes, then they could also expand the test map each Era.

  3. I dont quite share the optimism.
    We have seen very limited passes of like 4 systems, the character creator, the weather system, the world environment and some combat. AoC´s features is quite exetensive though! Judging from the wiki there is like 10 more systems with similar scope, for which we have no update for.
    My guess would be late 23, if they manage to keep on hiring devs in their current pace.
    Also i wouldnt base my assumptions on the environment development, as that is only very small part of the workload on games.

  4. I think if anything has delayed the game the most I think its the amount of hype. with all eyes on them I'm sure they want everything to be as good as it can be before A2 since going into A2 might be as big as other games launches

  5. They keep using the term "persistent alpha" which I am curious about. Perhaps they will incrementally add new areas and system as tome goes on while keeping the previous testing in place. We will have to wait and see.

    As for a an alpha date, I am personally looking towards later in Q1 2023, around Feb or March.


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