WHY Freeholds in Ashes of Creation will THREATEN other MMO HOUSING!

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In Ashes of Creation, the player housing is known as Freeholds and they have a serious chance to Threaten other MMO housing because of the practical in-game use.
In this video, I’ll be showing gameplay and answering what are Freeholds? What can be built in them? What are the benefits of getting yourself one? Will we see this in ALPHA 2? And WHY Intrepids guild and player HOUSING is better than other MMOs?

A reminder that Ashes of Creation is an open and transparent development project of an upcoming MMO. As such, you will see work-in-progress art, systems, and mechanics and some of the information may change as the development progresses and as the game is updated to Unreal Engine 5. My video contains footage from trailers and gameplay that Intrepid Studios have created.

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12 thoughts on “WHY Freeholds in Ashes of Creation will THREATEN other MMO HOUSING!”

  1. If what I am hearing you say is even remotely true, then Freeholds will be very exciting.

    I am by no means worldly in regards to all of the mmo’s released over the years, but I have played my fair share. And I have seen nothing of the like of player owned housing since Ultima Online back in 2000.

    WoW tried with your own instanced farm in MoP, but I always felt like it fell quite a bit short of Ultima Online. In UO, I could decorate my home; place personally owned vendor NPCs that sold my crafts, and more importantly, have storage outside of a bank. I could grant access at various levels to whomever I wished, because homes literally decayed in UO; and, other players were always looking for a place to drop their own blue print.

    But, it looks like Intrepid is taking this quite a bit further, and that is very exciting.

    This concept, as well as bringing back an individual players personal in game reputation – whereby their own conduct governs how others will interact with them – is two more reasons why I cannot hardly wait for the release of this game.

  2. The housing in this game will be so fun to get involved in, I agree MMOs do need to get themselves back on track and UE5 will give us the best possibility of seeing this happen.
    Dude your edits are getting so much better, well done . I see you finally have taken my advice on the new mic Ha! Can't wait to see the next video.
    Keep them coming.

  3. hey man just to say enjoying your content, keep it up and i'll be keeping my eyes peeled. Not a note on this video but just something I personally like to see, try and be as impartial as possible i.e. try and give criticism where it's due to show off two sides of the coin it's something I like to see, not speaking for the masses but shows that you can pick out the flaws as well!

  4. On Freeholds, I have no intention on owning one it artificially reinforces the FOMO that keeps you playing a game long after it goes stale. It paints a target over your head so people know where you "live" in the game. It drains your money exponentially limiting your ability adapt your play style. It will be limited to a fraction of the players and the land they take up will break the games immersion.
    Harvesting materials on private property subtract from open world PvP and flood the economy with materials that quickly lose value and remove reasons to go out in the world.

    My suggestion to Intrepid will always be to limit crafting, gathering, land ownership to the NPC and let players gain influence with a limited amount of NPC to unlock access to new features. Keep people questing for something other then a character Level that inevitably maxes out.

  5. This makes me look forward to Alpha 2 even more. Can't wait to see the possibilities with a Freehold. Especially animal husbandry and farming.
    Keep up the good work with your videos, looking forward to the next one.

  6. In-town housing is limited. Even if the mayor builds additional housing, it is still limited. Freeholds are unlimited, any player can build a Freehold. There are so many advantages to a Freehold over in-town housing. I am very much looking forward to Freehold game play.


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