Why Ashes of Creation (and other MMOs) Should AVOID Console

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19 thoughts on “Why Ashes of Creation (and other MMOs) Should AVOID Console”

  1. I only have a console and as much as it sucks I agree with everything you've said. ESO is one of the only mmos I've played that functions good enough on console but that goes to show how badly consoles are not suited for them

  2. How does it work with pc minimum specs for Eso? Aren't the new consoles better than the minimum specs? I've got an op pc, but before that, I played Eso on a 10 year old laptop and still can. There's no freaking way my old laptop is even close to a Ps5 or Xbox. It's probably closer to a Ps4.

  3. I agree but I don't agree at the same time.

    Reasons I disagree… Being a Console Player primarily, I feel this is more of a company and studio issue than a hardware issue. Usually if a previous gen console is too outdated, it's wise to drop support. ZoS hasn't done so yet for PS4/X1 and their lazy remaster for current gen should've been an enhanced PC port optimized for Consoles with new Mega Servers for us to transfer when we upgrade to PS5/XSX, but that would require…effort. When you DO see other studios like the FFXIV team and so on, it starts to feel like ZoS are making more excuses than actual reasons.

    Add-Ons might be great for ESO but this isn't a good argument in my eyes because it's like using Mods as a reason Skyrim shouldn't be on consoles. Also, accessibility which in an ideal world, would be readily available without much hassle for all. Another thing is a good PC that'll last you years costs a fortune where consoles are cheaper and go in cycles, sure you gotta cut corners but it's a compromise most of us are willing to take. Lastly, Consoles inherently have fewer problems like hackers, unforeseen technical difficulties, etc. You can just fire up the game and you know it's gonna play.

    Reasons I do agree. These are massive games and ideally something ambitious as MMOs would be better off exclusive to a system. If there were MMOs that were exclusively made for Consoles and ones exclusively for PC, I think this would make good competition in the MMO space akin to first party games in general. And the other logical reasons you placed like continual updates, because it's like us with PS5s/XSXs getting held back because the last gen is still being supported.

  4. Your opinion is noted but there is a lot of hype for AoC and if it lives up to that after the release just like Neverwinter, players will keep asking for a console version and for $$$ they will fold and make it possible.

  5. Eso pc players: kill the console ports it’ll save the game! Devs said it’s their fault!
    Ffxiv Devs: well we did all the things you claim you can’t.
    Bdo devs: we did too dunno what they doin over there.
    Me: ahh another war on consoles lol always our fault somehow.

  6. Fortunately monetary concerns will not allow development companies to ignore a huge part of their fan base. If ashes holds their position to be anti console, they are well aware of the loses to be incurred. As for zos, that was just really poor excuse making.

  7. Games should be for all platforms, period (and yes, I include exclusives on any platform). But hey, if they want to be elitist, and lose the chance sell to gamers on other platforms, no sweat off of my back, I'll save the money for another developers game(s) in future.

  8. It always just comes down to the goal of the game devs, if they want to be multi platform and design the game from the ground up to work with that in mind you see pretty solid performance. That is said with the caveat that they also need to have a definite cut off point where they stop supporting older consoles to free themselves up to improvements in the eco system. I don't believe any of the excuses ZOS gives about limitations, because they can't afford to give us new skills or classes yet they keep creating new enemies with skills not in the game and there is no end of particle and texture effects being added in via the crown store. What I would suspect is that they have a budget on what they can add in, and they don't want to spend that budget on a new class or skill line when it would be "better served" for using on crown store bollocks.

    Lastly, not all games should be multi platform. For AOC to be the savior everyone is hoping it is, they're gonna have to push their build to the limit which it seems they are doing and that is not conducive to a console environment. At least not without a dedicated team who have a ton of experience getting the most out of the console architecture.

  9. Eso on last gen console is pretty poor. But on ps5 it's a different ball game. I dunno….I don't see the issue in giving console players the ability to play mmos. For mmos to be pc exclusive is kind of a step back considering technology Is getting better for those of us on console?

  10. This is really a dev problem rather than a console problem. Yes there is limitations for the PS4 gen, but PS5 gen has a lot of scalability that should easily be utilized to make any game run properly. ESO was built on a buggy creation engine and released for last gen, people forget it took them well over 5 years to make ESO and it released in 2014. It's basically a 2009/2010 game with massive bandaids. Until they drop PS4 gen, it can never inovate in the way we want it to.

  11. Well luckily you are not in charge!!!! How many people are playing EsO and other mmos on potatoes? Should devs drop support for PC Cards and processors older then 3 years???? EsO and BdO, really???? Both games are buggy mess and they only care about money? On top of that ZoS is always making excuses, like console can’t use armoury in trial and on fly bcs that would affect leaderboard…. What about pc then??? How many times was EsO a bug fest bcs of addons? I have never heard a bigger joke from you! But seriously next video should be “ MMOs should stop supporting CPU and GPU older than 3 years”

  12. There are some positives to making a game with console in mind. ESO's combat was built based on being used for a controller, as such, the bar layout is only 5 buttons with weapon swapping and double buttons for 12 skills.. if it was built for only PC they would of 100% went with a larger skill layout akin to games like Final Fantasy or WOW which feel much more cumbersome.

    Another positive is we're in a gaming age where cross platform is supported on more and more games. It's becoming more popular because it helps with the longevity of a games ecosystem. Any game with cross platform like COD has ridiculously low queue times. The fact that everyone is able to play together regardless of their device is crazy cool.

    ESO would be a lot more successful if it had a cross platform. BGs would be populated. Matches would be better balanced. Cyro would have more server options. Dungeons would fill up instantly. Trials would be running all day. Prices would be equal between each platform.

    It's just too late for ESO…


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