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CEO of Ashes of Creation attacks New World’s cash shop decision.
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Steven, the CEO of Ashes of Creation just lashed out at the New World MMORPG – and the team behind it, after which he went on to Reddit to publicly apologize for his outburst, as it was highly unprofessional.
And while I don’t agree with the cash shop changes being implemented by Amazon and the New World team, I don’t think they’re reason enough to make the statement he did, and apparently he doesn’t either as his apology went on to claim he won’t do this again.


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28 thoughts on “"WHO TF MADE THIS DECISION?!?" – Whoops?”

  1. While I don't disagree with what Steven said (the cash shop definitely looks very damaging to the New World MMO long-term, especially when the game launches initially,) I feel as though someone with the reach he has as the creator of one of the most anticipated MMOs (when it releases in 2023-2025,) should be very careful about what he says, and how he says it as we – regardless of our platform – have a level of influence over our respective communities, their thoughts and their actions. And this was highly unprofessional. He did apologize for it, however, via Reddit, and promised he wouldn't do it again, but honestly a public statement like that should never have been made to begin with.

  2. I'll just preface my comment with the fact that I have zero interest in both New World and Ashes of Creation:
    Regardless of being the CEO of Ashes of Creation, the guy is still a person, and he should be allowed to express his true opinion somewhere. It'd be one thing if it was a Reddit post or a tweet, but it was on Discord, where people tend to chat a lot more casually. There was nothing wrong with what he said, and considering the platform it was said on, I don't think it was unprofessional either. It's ridiculous that he felt pressured to apologize.

    Edit: Just wanted to add–it'd be different if he attacked anyone personally or made a dig at the actual dev team directly. He didn't, though. He called out the corporation itself in a meme way and attacked the business practice. Huge difference.

  3. 10:50 You said it multiple times. YOU wouldn't. YOU don't value all the stuff (which isn't JUST the alpha like you keep saying) at $500. Obviously some people do. For some $500 is worth what they are providing. It's fucking simple as that. I don't think your content is worth paying into patreon, but others do. Doesn't mean your content is bad or the experience wouldn't be good. I just don't value the stickers, or chatting, or getting it early, or whatever other things you offer. Now maybe you're thinking I sound like an asshole for saying that, but that's exactly what you're saying.

  4. This was just a really disappointing Video from you.
    You talk 2:30 mins about the actual issue and how fucked up it is for a buy-to-play game to sell xp-boosts at the very launch and instead 13 fucking minutes about a post from a dev from Ashes of Creation. It's not even an official statement from them and simply one guy.

  5. Never expected anything from Amazon, so can’t be disappointed. AoC is doing some lamentable things but I’m cautiously optimistic they’ll wisen up by the time the game officially launches.

    Bottom line is, fuck WoW and NW (and maybe AoC), I happily moved on to FF XIV and I’m waiting with impatience for Blue Protocol 🙂

  6. I don't mind paying for exp boost. Literally everyone with more time dedicated to the game then myself will essentially be doing the same thing. I guess if I was trying to race to max level I'd have an issue…

  7. TBH isn't Genshin Impact's daily resin refill system something similar? You can use to the extra resin to farm either more artifact rolls or exp or gold. The f2p players I know have already come to terms with the fact that there will be performance limitations when compared to one who spends money, so p2win or p2advance isn't so terribly game-breaking these days just because it's pretty common. Paying for an advantage is an old stigma from many years ago. It's a New World now.

  8. Even thou I never dealt with him personally, Steven always had an egocentric reputation and was himself the biggest whale on the first year, year and a half of Archeage, even to the point of trying to buy, with real money, other guilds to merge into his guild called The White Order.
    With that said, he is a business man, and even tough I laugh at it everytime someone mentions the $500 for an alpha pack, he is not holding anyone at gun point for it, he is monetizing on the hype he created.
    I don't think the 1 day head start is any more p2w than buying into a beta test, then ones achieving max lvl and farming end game first will always be people with more time on their hands, and don't have a everyday regular hrs job.
    I dont think what Amazon announced is a big deal myself, specially if they only make the cash shop available a week after launch, which I doubt but… A lot of ppl with day to day jobs and families only have a few hrs to play everyday, and those items helps immensely to keep the gap in between them and the players that have more time to play.
    I like the sub model myself, but everyone will have their own opinion. Thanks for the content you provide!

  9. Hey guys, here's an idea: let's not buy any of these games and support these trash business models 👍 it's only going to change when we stop doing it. This is a good start. We can do it 👏

  10. I think it’s pretty clear the issue Steven/Stephen has is that new world only very recently even revealed this monetization system while pre orders for the game has been up for a long while now. As far as I’m aware the ashes of creation tiers haven’t changed since the game was very first available for buying. I see multiple people in the comments saying things like “well, time to cancel the pre order” and I think that’s the point

  11. Like any other game, launch day is always crazy. Offering a head start by a day or two at some point down the line to help the developers today is ok. Staggering the launch seems logical to me, and helps at the same time. If those head starts are longer than a day or two, would be unfair. Boost on experience for ESO, and GW and Ruin (can not remember the name) for a game that has no sub seems logical too.
    For WOW and FF14, and the boosts, the games are older now, the skills are not as demanding say like in classic or TBC. IF you buy the collector’s edition you get them anyhow. This way you can actually try a new server without the extra cost. They are just catch up now and extra money for a rich ceo. At the same time you can get to 60 now in about two weeks in WoW at a moderate speed. In FF14, it is still story driven, must do the main story line that is a grind. Heavensward was the most boring story line from start to almost the mid. I bought a boost to get the hell out of it. Stormblood is amazing. To each their own. For TBC boost I get why they are offering it, I know people will buy it, and it is their money to spend. However it is classic, really you should try and level a bit. I wanted to copy my toon and guild over to classic. Thank Earth Mother(Tauren RPer here), they lowered it so I can copy my toon.

  12. Tbh I don't really care for pay to advance. I personally play for fun. If the game is fun and I'm willing to play, I wouldn't mind the grind. But if the exp boost is something ridiculous, I would raise an eyebrow.

    But this comes from the eyes of a primarily f2p player. So, I'm kinda used to being one upped by the players who pay.

    There's my opinion I guess

  13. Regarding the 1 day early access on AOC as far is I can remember people who eneter tha game early wont be able to progress much i think they said the node system will come online the normal launch date so basicly u cant even go past level 10 or so without the node system so its not really an advantage just name reservation,not have to spent time during launch for character creation and alittle bit of world exploring


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