What's so Special about Ashes of Creation ? (Lazy Peon Video Reaction)

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Today I’m getting caught up on Ashes of Creation with this Lazy Peon Video.

Check out Lazy Peon:

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32 thoughts on “What's so Special about Ashes of Creation ? (Lazy Peon Video Reaction)”

  1. You lose your house, if the node you become a citizen to is destroyed? Screw that lol. It's just going to funnel people to the biggest nodes, like people funneled to the winning faction in New World.

  2. I might not play this, purely due to it being so heavily focused on pvp, and the fact that you could lose everything just by having the mayor change in both race and wants. But if I did, I’d be a Dwarf, because they are just awesome and will always be my favorite fantasy race. No bullshit, no messing around, Can honestly see them just having one node being the largest biggest mountain in the game world with the most resources. Any other nodes around it would be made into no man’s lands with the Dwarves keeping watch over them. Stay clear of the great mountain, lest you provoke those who dwell within it.

  3. This looks like it's shaping up to be a thousand different systems all about an inch deep if I am being honest. There is also the fact that this game seems like it would be hell to dip in and out of with the entire landscape changing.

  4. The longer I think about it, the worse this looks. Even if you think you want to invest your time inti this, imagine being a mayor and another big game releases. What now? You let the product of a year's work die to enjoy it or do you recognise that you now work for this company for no pay?

  5. No offence but this Lazy Peon is really trying hard to sell this game and it's not working for me at all.

    This sound like they are desperate to throw everything at the kitchen sink that has Nostalgia tattooed all over it.

  6. Lazy Peon is painfully out of touch.
    As a long term Eve player, I can tell you that if that game (eve) made you loose all your stuff if the station you've stored it into is attacked, the game would be unplayable.

    Ash will crash and burn as soon as people will loose their shit a couple of time while AFK.

    41:30 "Oh yeah, dun worry guys, nobody is going to kill and camp you my dude"
    Did you… ever played any PVP mmo? Wtf?!

    44:30 "Best game for Roleplayer" […] "No gender lock class"

    And at some point he just give up and throw empty statement at you as if they were facts:
    "Oh yeah, and the servers will be the best ever with the most player supported ever"


  7. The director said it himself this game isnt for everyone and isnt going to copy every other mmo and appeal to the lowest common denominator to maximize profit. All your complaints are valid but that just means that mayb the game isnt for you. But alot of people were praying and looking forward to this type of experience because it simply doesnt exist anymore. Everything is literally risk vs reward and the people who want this are going to be able to reach such an amazing level of immersion that cant be done experienced anywhere but a game like this not controlled by big corporations making shit decisions.

  8. "good, get involved!" at the PVP material drop part.

    Okay. Time to get wrecked by groups of 3+ players. Who wants to team up and just troll kill Ruri, when he's trying to mine away, as his Dwarf? Get involved, Ruri! Hahaha.

  9. Not only does this sound like aiming for stars further than No Man's Sky did, Peon straight up comes off as a shill by throwing away what's likely decades of MMORPG experience to paint really horrible design decisions into positives.

  10. I would recommend that you take a look at their "weather system" video if you havenot already done so. It is a good watch.

    Also I like the fact that there is no factions so hopefully there will be limited controlled land opening up exploration and raiding.

    When you loose your house, you loose your land and building and contents wl be mailed to you so you can relocate.

  11. In the end there will be servers entirely for human, another entirely for elf, another dwarf, another have all scientific, another all military or whatever. and people have alts on every server just to try and see

  12. There are some aspects of the game I think look good, like the weather and node systems. I'm still not wild about the giant pvp battles and the melee animations (weapons all look like they are way too light.) But if there's no box cost, I can probably justify paying for 1 month game time and giving it a shot.

  13. All this sounds extremely good on paper, but with todays player mentality its probably not going to work in practice.
    In addition to poor player mentality, with the ever changing nodes you aren't really allowed to take any breaks if you don't want to risk of losing all your investments on your chosen node.

    This game just seems too ambitious for its own good, and I get a strong Cyberpunk 2077 vibe from this. (remember how ambitious CP2077 was prior to launch and how it flobbed?)


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