What is Ashes of Creation? An MMORPG sure…but what makes it different?

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Ashes of Creation is an upcoming MMORPG from Intrepid Studios that looks to set a new standard for MMOs. With a recent switch to Unreal Engine 5 and refinement to their systems, this game is looking beautiful and even recently caught the attention of Asmongold with their lifelike re-creation in their character creator unveiling.

This game will have question marks, most notably whether or not a game with open world PVP as a core tenet thrive in today’s market and if the node system will be more than novel.

I personally see a lot of Shadowbane and Everquest Next in this game, especially with the node system.

Ashes of Creation is ambitious, and it looks promising. What do you think of this new MMO?




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4 thoughts on “What is Ashes of Creation? An MMORPG sure…but what makes it different?”

  1. Great video! I had heard of AoC but was utterly turned off at the mention of pvp… if it's a system where bullies suffer I might partake of the game after all. Thanks for your research and hard work making the video!

    Also first.

  2. What IS Ashes of Creation?

    We… don't know.

    p.s.: It's everything. It's just… it's everything. That's what it is. Kinda like, uh, Chronicles of Elyria, I guess.

    p.s.s. Can't wait to bully people.

  3. For those that have been living under a rock… the Lazy Peon video Genuinely The Most Exciting MMO In Years covers most of the basic overviews and is still fairly accurate to this day.


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