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The September Livestream is less than 2 weeks away. And we are all mentally preparing ourselves for that Ranged Combat reveal that Intrepid is about to show us for Ashes of Creation. After Alpha 1 Combat was one of the biggest things Intrepid got feedback on, and has ever since been pouring their souls into making it the best it possibly can, and this livestream will be showing us the next stage in these changes!

00:00 Intro
00:25 Combat So Far
01:10 What We Want
05:06 Outro

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11 thoughts on “What I Want From The Ranger Class Reveal | Ashes of Creation”

  1. I just started playing Archeage Unchained Fresh Start in preparation for Ashes, and I am told that Archery types require really low ping for PvP. I wonder if that will be true for Ashes.

    I really want a stealthly nature type to wander and explore Verra, so I think I will play a Py'rai Ranger/Rogue.

  2. Great video, Ritchie. Beyond excited for the upcoming ranger reveal! 🥳
    I hope you can get to feelin' better soon / give your voice a rest for a couple days. Be easy! 😪

  3. Not really interested in ranged combat as a healer.

    What's the game you used footage from?

    Also, nice change with subscription request. If I were not subscribe yet, I would definitely be more likely to help you reach this kind of goal than percentage one.

  4. Not really sure what I'm hoping for with the Ranger class. This is not my preferred toon. I just hope it doesn't turn into a 1 button wonderboy toon like it evolved to in Rift. To me a Ranger should be versatile in many aspects of combat, and overall character playability. I hope they go with that route.
    Get some rest and feel better and as always keep the vids coming!

  5. since summoner subclass of Ranger is called a "Falconer" i think it'd be cool of you could swap out different birds to summon. tie that into the animal husbandry system

  6. I just hope the ranger turns out to be more than just "single target ranged DPS" and rather has a unique role to fill in a group.

    Since we see that the original tool kit for ranger was heavily based around movement, it would be cool if the ranger could exclusively offer freedom type abilities to other party members. Traps that offer different benefits could also play into a risk vs reward style that puts you close to the danger, or to be placed preemptively.

    I just really want to avoid the situation of "okay boss mechanics are too hard so let's stack (insert ranged class here) so we can keep time on target high and avoid stuff easier.

  7. In my opinion we won't really understand any class completely until we get the augment skill kits. These will make or break your desire to place the class, and unfortunately we won't be seeing these for a while.

    I would love to see how a Falconer (secondary augments) compares to the standard pets that usually accompany the Ranger, or just the pet system in general. Not much if any information can be found.

  8. I really hope we see something similiar to Tera's Ranger. The longer you draw back the bow the higher the damage, aiming your shots, and also Tera's Ranger if the attack was multiple target shot like shooting 3 arrows you would press the ability and drag the reticle over the 3 targets you wanted to hit then the attack would go off.


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