What does removing corruption from naval combat change about Ashes of Creation?

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In this episode we talk about the latest Ashes of Creation development live stream jumping straight into the highly controversial topic of removing corruption from naval combat in the open seas as announced by Steven Sharif. We also have a deep pve and pvp balance discussion including all of the examples of Lineage 2 and Ashes being the spiritual successor. As Neuro points out though it is not all doom and gloom. We get our excitement back talking about map changes, caravan changes, the Valune, taxation and happiness.

“If you don’t have a strong, solid PvE focus as a game, then there’s not much meaning to whatever PvP is going to provide.” – Steven Sharif

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The Ashen Forge: Episode 71 – Show Them a Curve

00:00 – Intro
01:25 – Naval combat
08:30 – Lineage 2
11:45 – Open pvp and world change
12:40 – No doom and gloom
20:45 – Other ways across the ocean
25:37 – Balance of pvp and pve
36:23 – Respawning in the ocean
39:58 – Smuggling items for profit
41:31 – Tunnels under the ocean
42:00 – The map
48:40 – Map size comparison
50:47 – Valune
55:40 – Happiness and taxes


7 thoughts on “What does removing corruption from naval combat change about Ashes of Creation?”

  1. It is difficult to listen to Dygz when his voice breaks when talking about the game he believed so much. However, I believe that the game will have something to offer for everyone.

  2. @7:50 Stop with the theatrics, the game is 1200 square miles not including the under realm.
    Read that again. You can also dive under water with an aquatic mount, they'd never see you if you were a Ranger.

  3. Hey guys! I have really enjoyed your content up until now. I think it will be difficult for this show to be taken too seriously when one member is actively telling everyone who will listen he "WILL NOT" even play the game… especially since we have not even had the chance to actually play the game or even see what these concepts will look like. Good luck fellas!

  4. Great discussion.

    I'm not sure just how this decision makes sense from a lore perspective. If a merchant ship is sailing as quickly as possible from point a to b, they will most certainly be going through these waters. He's not a combatant, just wants to get to his destination. If he is waylaid by pirates and tries to flee, are we to accept that for some reason the force that is corruption cannot reach these pirates? It certainly seems like corrupt behavior, but perhaps donning a patch and a peg leg absolves you of corruption.

    I don't buy the "risk" argument Steven makes, as I'm still wholly unconvinced that the corruption system will deter some pretty nasty behavior. There will be plenty of people still scourging the seas, looking to plunder corruption or no. The player that wants to pvp will want to be corrupted. He will want hunters to come for him.

    I do hope that Dygz will give it a shot. I think there's a lot here to get into just on land alone. But I understand his frustrations, and at the end of the day the game won't be for everyone.


  5. i like the idea of the kind of pvp AoC was supposed to have, but if oceans are just a free for all griefer pot for gankfest lovers then I can't imagine the game is going to last long. I think this move is ill-conceived.


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