Week 37 News Roundup! Last Epoch, Ashes Of Creation, Kotor, Elyon, POE, D2R, Crowfall & Much More!!

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Weekly News Roundup 37
0:10 – Intro
0:44 – Elyons
2:04 – Path Of Exile
2:47 – Diablo 2 Resurrected
3:50 – Crowfall
4:46 – Kotor
6:21 – Last Epoch
7:22 – Ashes Of Creation
8:59 – Blade and Soul

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4 thoughts on “Week 37 News Roundup! Last Epoch, Ashes Of Creation, Kotor, Elyon, POE, D2R, Crowfall & Much More!!”

  1. With all the remakes this year and last the only thing im hearing from some of these devs is "We are to scared to make something new or try anything or listen to the community, so heres there same game you love but now you can see the face instead of the pixels". Remakes/Masters are fine but i think its setting a bad precedence when its new fledgling studios that are inovating and all the AAA just doing the same thing over.


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