Verbal-NDA for Ashes of creation Dropped My First Alpha experience

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So the NDA for ashes of creation has dropped and its time we talk about it. ask any question about the game and i will do my besto answer in the comments


1 thought on “Verbal-NDA for Ashes of creation Dropped My First Alpha experience”

  1. Doing ones job properly wouldn't be know if they just stay alive. You have no idea how many people come to wow from other games and thought they can get away with auto attacks and role-playing their abilities vs carrying their weight like everyone else. For those who would like to ignore dps checks, entire communities are dedicated to these style raid styles and environments. A dps meter in a competitive game, is the core of showing you the player where you stand with your competition. It also allows you to break down where self and group improvements can be made.

    I play wow like 2 months every 2 years, but dps meter is something that is as much a personal feels good as it is group tracking. Toxic people are in the world no matter what. I find its far more toxic to have people loling at the group when they aren't doing anything wanting free carries and youbhave zero proof other than a video where you try to call it out.


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