Trouble on the High Seas – Ashes of Creation August Livestream Reaction!

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Join Tom and Scott from BadCuzDad as they check out the Ashes of Creation August Livestream Update. Is making the open seas a free for all PVP Zone a lazy way to implement risk-reward on the high seas?

00:00 Into
01:05 New Map Starting Zones?
04:10 Ashes D&D and Caravans
07:20 Travel Time back to a Battle
11:20 Open Seas PvP Changes
18:25 Systems over Graphics
22:22 Zone Density Concerns(not what you think)
25:07 Final Thoughts

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5 thoughts on “Trouble on the High Seas – Ashes of Creation August Livestream Reaction!”

  1. Really like you guys, hope you keep up the content!

    Steven is a big Pathfinder fan, he created the AoC world as a Pathfinder campaign. Last year they actually did a charity event where they ran a Pathfinder campaign in the world and did lore drops along the way. So the lore has been fleshed out at the Pathfinder table for the last decade +

    As for feedback, they have been pretty open to making changes. The biggest example was combat. During A1 people hated the combat system. Steven was very insistent he wanted a lot of weight to attacks, but it led to a loss of agency. So when you attacked you got animation locked and folks were very vocal. Within like a week they offered split body animation and asked for feedback on both. The new combat (why they were so nervous to release it…) Is a hybrid. Where attacks have weight based on weapon choice, but you never lose agency. Which I am excited to try it, I think they nailed it. You want consequences for actions but you never want to lose control of your toon.

  2. to answer your question at 11.50 steven has said there will be water content around the harbors where there is no open pvp and there will be a notification when you are entering the open sea and it will tell you its an open pvp zone.


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