Top 5 Reasons Ashes of Creation WILL Be A MASSIVE Success!!!

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An in depth conversation about the 5 main reason why Ashes of Creation, an upcoming MMO from Intrepid Studios, will be a massive success. Includes discussion about the games’ node system, open world PvP, the concept of open development, and creative director Steven Sharif.

Top 5 Reasons Ashes of Creation Could Fail:

Video game and MMO video done in the style of other youtube creators such as Alpha Soul, Wolfheart FPS, Jahlon and Roar.


6 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Ashes of Creation WILL Be A MASSIVE Success!!!”

  1. Not going to lie, I never heard of this game before a couple of weeks ago. When I did hear about it, I kind of blew it off, assuming it would be another failed project. However, your videos are genuinely getting me hyped up. Dare I dream, again?

  2. Let me guess before even watching the video. You watched 30 other content creators videos, and decided you wanted to get your share of clicks by repeating the following:
    (1) node system
    (2) openworld pvp
    (3) caravans
    (4) player driven cities
    (5) player housing

    was i right?

  3. Hi, can u give all info about AOC as I'm dying to play it as I stopped playing any MMO after Guild Wars 2 as I was so disappointed after all their promises came to nothing after few months like :"everytime u long in there would be something new ; NOT, then every Boss Skills up against the number of players attacking it : NOT caz every boss was getting dropped in few seconds after awhile even lvl 80 dragons ….. I was so geared up to play that game bcaz of all the promises for years then my heart was grinded after the first few months of honey moon that put a bitter taste in my mouth that I never bothered to play any MMO no more but the promises by AOC had got me so excited again that makes me want to say bye to my wife and kids and live in the game. Cheers dude


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