Top 10 Upcoming MMORPGs coming in 2021 | Best MMORPGS to try out in 2021

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What’s Up Outcasts Fam, today’s video we got a doozy for you guys and it’s the top 10 mmorpg coming in 2021 and these are essentially the best mmorpgs to try out in 2021 and sadly the red banners that appears in the video isnt showing my actual descriptions for each game so please bare with me as sadly each of them are blank and I will be trying to give out dates and times of each release of not then I’ll tell you the season the devs expected the game to release in. I hope you guys are excited just like I am cause we got a awesome playlist for you today and if you enjoyed the video then please double drop kick the like button and if you like hearing your boy here Chaos giving you the gameplays and information on all your favorite mmos, rpgs, and indie games then subscribe to the channel and without further ado let’s jump into the video.

Games on the list in order:
Ashes of Creation 0:50
Blue Protocol 2:05
Crimson Desert 2:56
Crowfall 3:43
Elyon: Ascent Realm 4:24
Lost Ark 5:06
Magic: Legends 5:37
New World 6:06
Pantheon Rise of the Fallen 6:57
Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis 7:58

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ArcheAge Legacy
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Twin Saga
Eden Eternal
Aura Kingdom

Top MMORPGs in 2020:
Archage Unchained in 2020:
Guild Wars 2 in 2020:
Tera online in 2020:
genshin Impact in 2020:

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