TONS OF NEW INFO – Ashes of Creation Just TRIPLED In Size

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With Ashes of Creation TRIPPLING the size of their world map there is an absolute ton of information to go over.
In today’s video we’ll be discussion these changes, the content surrounding it and the reasoning behind the change.

Steven: *Casually Tripled the world map*
It’s not a big dead guys. GIGACHAD
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29 thoughts on “TONS OF NEW INFO – Ashes of Creation Just TRIPLED In Size”

  1. Lets hope that Ashes of Creation will not do the same mistakes of Archeage for Sea Content, and punish any illegal players and toxic behaviors and speech in the game, forums etc…

    Archeage Sea PvP with ship fights were good; but it was not perfect… After the years, these high geared mega p2w no life noobs from so called dominating toxic guild and players (whom are not talented in pvp but only taking advantage of high gear items and zerging) were not using ships; but to wait under the water to jump on the ship or attack to ship under the water and strange thing is that their shots were going through ship from under water and killing the players on the ship… Or they were using kraken gliders to jump on the ship from air to kill players or use dragons or new siege weapons to summon to give massive damage to kill players, so thanks to these new changes, Kraken World boss were killed in 5 to 10 minutes, so it was like no need of the ships on the sea to do anything related sea pve and pve content anymore… Or thy just summon the whole guild while waiting under the water to gang other small-medium sized guilds or solo or friend groups on the sea to steal their cargo packs. Or thy just summon ships near the moving ships to push back the players on the ship to kill them…

    Archeage Sea PvP is full of exploits with no real sea combat anymore with its current state after 7 years…

    Ashes of Creation I started to like the game, thanks to Narc videos^^. However, how many more years do we need to wait really? From kickstart – thy gathered millions and thy spend from their own pocket too as the developers said; but really we are waiting for a long time… Thy have many money, they have a good developers team in numbers, like New World Amazon developers; but we still wait Alpha 2 for a long time already and I wonder when it will be happen for the real release too, with this speed they need 2 more year minimum, and I hope that this mmorpgs will not be a p2w and thy provide region based servers too. As a Turkish player myself, I don2t want to play in EU servers with high latency ping ms like New World, and other current mmorpgs in EU region…

  2. I just flew from one side of the eastern kingdoms to the other. Took about 12 minutes at what is it 310% additional speed with max rank flying. so like call it 40 minutes if you were to walk. Ashes iirc said 50 minutes mounted as the crow flies? seems pretty lit

  3. It is going to take between 2-3 hours to run from top to bottom of a continent. Terain obsticles, MOBs, rivers etc will slow you down. It is not a strait line run. If you stop to gather or fight along the way it adds up quickly and if you get PvPed or Pved guess where you will respawn :(.

  4. Rebrand yourself to NarcmonGold, his era is over anyway with the whole unhinged "I'm right fuck you"
    and doubling down on not wanting to play ffxiv anymore because "don't make me myeeeh- toddler tantrum".

  5. Black Desert Online utilizes this mechanic of material good not being allowed to be teleported (anymore) – Before, a very common strategy was to make your crafting items into material boxes and sell them across the entire map to get high returns on your hard earned materials. This is now no longer the case and any trade items need to be properly carried all the way. Although many of you might think that teleportation is not a common mechanic in BDO – You can actually teleport very large distances by using certain items correctly and also using guild teleports as well as mount teleportation.


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