This MMO is the Worst Scam In History

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Ashes of Creation is the WORST SCAM In Kickstarter History 2022
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43 thoughts on “This MMO is the Worst Scam In History”

  1. Its interesting how he talks about FOMO. He says people are not being mind control but yet these companies do their best and research how to make sure their product sells. In some cases these companies will hook their players to it.

  2. I'll be honest – I'm tired as hell of this game.
    I was hype and ready to consume it in 2018. It's way too long past for me to care now.
    Personally I can't deal with following an MMO from day 1 of development when it takes like a decade to be made. Completely burnt out on AoC.

  3. Regarding Fomo: I agree with your points, Asmongold, but I will add this; We are talking about an online gaming environnement with often a introvert mindset, we are talking about children too in certain games. I personally don't think it's healthy to have so much advertising/sales and fomo so harshly obvious.

    I'd like to see a regulation of the 'marketing online gaming' that came with mobile games and desktop games back in the mid 2000's…it's not a nice trend.

    waves from Europe and from the Elder Scrolls Online

  4. If you think something (using FOMO) is bad then you should criticize it every time someone does it. The fact that others do it too isn't an excuse.
    To me as long as they don't re-introduce the time limited (FOMO) content, it's OK because it actually raises the value of the item.
    The most I would do with the FOMO problem (some people can't resist to buy the stuff) is putting a visible disclaimer to every time limited item. But only after studies prove it's an actual problem.

  5. "All companies do fomo" Ill respond to that like Asmon responded to a viewer: GTFO of here. You are lying on the stream to push your personal feelings and ideas as universal truths. Not every company does fomo. Hell not even 50% of companies do fomo. And under 50% isnt ALL. Does every company in the world do fomo? Obviously not. Lately he keeps doing this shit. I know its his channel and his stream but doesnt mean i like these L takes. Especially when he talks shit to people dissagreing with him. At least in the past he provided more detwiled explenation. Now its just " f u" smh

  6. Fomo in video games is bad because it a blatant attempt at creating artificial scarcity to increase profits without increasing the effort put in.

    It’s not like real life diamonds, which are at least somewhat rare. It’s a code in a digital space that they can make infinite version of. If a big golden horse is “limited time available” then it’s not because they can’t make it always available, it’s because they’re trying to squeeze more money out of consumers. It’s cheap, and unnecessary yet they act like it’s perfectly normal and reasonable.

    That’s why people don’t like it. It’s blatantly anti-consumer.

    A company is gonna try to make money, that’s fine. Just don’t go acting like the developers of Ashes genuinely care about their community when they’re also doing that shit.

  7. FOMO is the same thing as a "limited edition" food item or anything else. Any product has fomo/limited edition. Any single run merchandise from your favorite youtuber uses FOMO. It is what it is

  8. I really hope AoC succeeds cause so far it seems like it'll offer everything I'm looking for in an MMORPG. My only worry is that it's adopting many mechanics from Archeage, mainly the ones that caused the game to flop so hard and die 5-6(7?) times. Really hope I'll be proven wrong

  9. Wonder if will die faster than NW… if doing same mistakes, so far having storages all over the place with caravan invention is one of the reason, this is not GTA.

  10. I kinda feel like he went on saying all the good points of the game, along with actual critiscism, saying it's 'the worst scam'. Basically, I think he's just being super sarcastic and that if it's a scam, it's the worst scam because they are spending alot of money to make a great game. Being a 'terrible scam'. A 'good scam' should just make you alot of money fast then you bail out successfully with everyone's money. Which is not the case for this game.

  11. No matter how much information you get from a "battle royale" test, it will NOT replace the capital you spent on it. Your are talking probably 3/4x the kickstarter funds to get this "data" that isnt even respective of a real test due to low volume, etc.

  12. FOMO is shitty. It's how Gachas make their big bucks. Thank God for Fromsoft. Keeping their games real. FOMO in all forms are shitty. Just because everyone is doing it doesn't make it ok. Everyone used to be able to legally beat their wives. Just because something is legal, and most other things are doing it, doesn't make it morally ok. That being said, unless someone wants to get serious and start killing off motherfuckers, you just gotta learn to deal with it. Just like learning to deal with movies being boring, and most games being too easy to be satisfying. Just keep saying it's all ok, as everything slowly becomes shittier, and shittier.

  13. Zack is truly the king of double standards.. "Don't give them money if you don't agree with them" says the guy who to a large degree rose to internet fame because he's constantly bitching about World of Warcraft, which he keeps playing….

  14. Acting like people are dumb while also not understanding how manipulative FOMO type marketing is on the primate brain of people is, is in itself ignorant and dumb. Its manipulative and otherwise sells things to people that they wouldn't normally buy. Thats not how marketing has always worked nor is it how it should work. Healthy marketing is a product being really good, like an amazing food product or an affordable food product. An item that helps or is extremely high rated due to how well it works etc. Not FOMO type shit that games use to sell virtually nothing.

    The same psycologists that work on creating these gambling loops involve this fear of missing out, its connected and puts vulnerable people and kids in a lot of these games into situations where their brain feels this may be their only chance. Mind numbing take that he has on this.

  15. Make cosmetics craftable/tradeable.
    Then kind of play it like the D3RMAH and take a cut off the top.
    Then at least some players are still profiting and it offsets the feel bad of a company cash cowing cosmetics.

  16. 22:05 Yet every time someone criticizes the game, usually for doing stuff people hate about other games, he makes up a half-baked argument that suggests they are not only wrong but also stupid.

    Yeah, really open to feedback and different opinions this dude is.

  17. It's a real miracle Asmon isn't interested in Star Citizen development. Friendliest community, most transparent developers with weekly and monthly updates… And an actual existing game🤯

  18. FOMO is inevitable in life, and it's up to you to make critical choices that impact your life, and there's no escape from it, I am with Asmongold on that 100%.

    However, when it comes to cosmetics in the video game industry, I will never tolerate FOMO as long as I am alive, and I despise everyone and or company/studio that utilizes the practice in their digital products/games.

    Unlike the real world with limited resources, digital items are literally just lines of code that can be copied and distributed an infinite amount of times, it will never cease to exist as long as the original source code is maintained, secured, and properly archived for later use in case of an emergency.

    The FOMO introduced is predatory because the scarcity is artificial, there will never truly be a shortage of any digital item unless the source is either corrupted or permanently deleted purposefully / accidentally.

  19. there is one thing we have to remmber whit kickstarter and that is backers are not the only backers for said kickstarter.
    I know games that had a kickstarter for X amount.
    and they also had a backer that would pay a large amount if the devs could found X on kickstarter.
    whit the kickstarter been a juding of intrest in said game.
    so the game may only have a kickstarter budget of 150.000 USD but it might also have 3 milion from a backing company or what its called that is more or less what pays for the whole dev.

  20. Well at least there's one other person that realizes FOMO is a normal aspect of marketing. These people that bitch about it don't bat an eye about coupons, sales, clearances, wholesalers, product launches, and hell just normal every day advertising. Slapping a new word on it doesn't make it special. It's what you do to sell a product.. period.

  21. Well the problem isnt about supporting who you want to support i get all that, but most of these streamers fans dont make there own income.. And these streamers most likely pull in more than that kids entirely family does. I actually have a little bit of respect for pokimane because at onepoint she straight up told her audience, yo dont donate me money, i dont need it, please dont donate me money. If you wanna be a sub and whatever thats cool, but asking for donations and stuff like that when ur a big streamer is kind of shameless, yeah people can do what they want with there own money but, half these kids arent even using there own money. And no i dont support funding on projects that just promise you a bunch of stuff, how many of those have came to fruition? They take alot of the money and spend it on making these false advertisment essentially to make there game look better, and to stuff there pockets. The best games are made by small teams that already have the backing. Thats part of why wow has so many small bugs and stuff that easily get looked over, theres no like last person that looks over everything and can add it all up, because everythings so split up, and just gets all thrown together at the end. Youd think more eyes is better but it seems the more eyes the more somehow goes by unnoticed. Also back in the day, companys used to hire kids to playtest games, now they either throw it out early and let the public find them all, or they like idk whose playtesting some of these games, like who play tested cyberpunk? Like thats rediculous.


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