This change will SAVE Ashes of Creation!

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Overview of Ashes of Creation’s PVP combat systems, giving direct feedback to Intrepid Studios on how to make the PVP flagging system good. Surma then analyzes combat and PVP flagging in its current ALPHA state. Surma offers direct and concrete feedback on how to make Ashes of Creation’s combat and PVP flagging amazing!

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7 thoughts on “This change will SAVE Ashes of Creation!”

  1. That is one of my major gripes with Ashes of Creation. It still could be exploited with 2 man party by baiting defender into using AOE on second uncorrupted griefer and getting flagged as combatant. TBH I don't know if it is possible to allow free PvP and design a simple system that will properly apply corruption. Maybe by tracking interaction between players and checking if they have each other in friend list across multiple accounts and for how long they stay in each other vicinity and if they share a target in PvP situations?

  2. I have a feeling its gonna be very easy to exploit the corruption status. This game seems to be doomed for people that usually play solo.
    The world will be filled with groups that will target any player to get their loot.
    If you get Corrupted all you have to do is to ask your green friend to kill you and take your loot with no repercussions at all.
    This system promotes groups of mass murderers, and that will make people deserting the servers and therefore the game.

  3. I am unaware of the fact that corruption to the aggressor only happens if they win.

    The way I look at the system…
    My pack us full, I fight back to drop less
    My pack is low/empty, I don't fight back and double their corruption gained.

    But the entire system is subjest to change or tweaking during the Alpha 2 testing phase. But to go doom and gloom stating this will ruin the entir game may be a little over blown.

  4. Totally agree! This could fuck everything up and your fix is a great idea, but, I'd also make greens drop nothing, that way the only reason to attack them would be your being a utter cunt.

    Only issue being players wanting other players farming spots (omg dude, you stole my Tree!!! <nerd rage>, can't attack without corruption <greater nerd rage>). 😉

    We, under the system in place atm could end up with armies of corrupt players storming about not caring because there isn't enough bounty hunters left (whole guilds full of bad arseholes just ganking freely and at will… players will leave in droves… aka: Archeage!!).
    Fix: Assaulted players don't flag on fighting back, green players drop nothing and you get corrupion, corruption gives you 25% health and stats. (and ofc keep flagged zones like sieges/ships etc.)

    The greens/crafter types don't need the hassle, the community doesn't need dickheads and the normal players need crafters to make their shit to buy/sell.

  5. 4:12 ^THIS^
    The aggressor should not get off scot-free if their victim does the very normal thing of trying to defend themselves.

    Though the proposed solution has some potential holes. Not turning purple when fighting back means the victim does not get the bonus of dropping fewer resources when purple. If the goal is to ease everyone possible into PvP (it should be), then the optimal option should be the victim's fighting back, though it should not be so optimal that it drives away players that flat out refuse to PvP.
    Turning purple after successfully defending yourself also still has griefing potential, you are then locked into that state and have to dodge other players, potentially including the aggressor's friends who could now kill you scot-free.
    I think a defendant state that can only be entered in self-defense and has the corruption penalty from green plus the fewer resources dropped from purple is the best option.

  6. This could shift the pendulum too far to create very little open world PVP outside of caravans, Sieges, etc. It's something they could easily experiment with in A2 though if they feel it is necessary.


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