This Ashes of Creation Update Is Pretty Crazy

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Ashes of Creation is an upcoming MMORPG and it just revealed its Alpha Two Gathering Updates.

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28 thoughts on “This Ashes of Creation Update Is Pretty Crazy”

  1. It might be hard, especially for a small team. But no MMO is complete without a jungle biome. And from the graphics in this game so far that jungle would look astonishing. We NEED a Jungle biome and Trees!

  2. Life is Feudal MMO had similar gathering mechanics as this and I had thousands of hours played there. All I can say is, if you're reading this comment and haven't even heard of Life is Feudal MMO, part of the reason is because of gathering mechanics like this. Trees took time to regrow. Finding ore was a journey in itself, requiring actual skill and prospecting. For me, I really enjoyed it and it immersed me in the game world, but when you add all these layers to basic gathering, you gradually make your game more niche and unappealing to the average gamer. Once you start on that path to becoming further into that niche category, your playerbase drops down to a core number of players, you stagnate, have less money for development, and eventually the game fizzles and dies. IMO I like the visual fidelity and the physics and all that, but keep the gathering mechanics simple like in New World.

  3. Something mixed between New World and BDO for gathering/crafting would be AMAZING. Both are similar to their active state but New World is more fun to gather but BDO is way more expansive with it's crafting and use for the gathering items.

  4. the tree cut line is too high compared to where the character chops. bring it down to match where the axe hits and at an agle and it will look more realistic.also put in a progression of axe chipping away on the tree , on the tree. meaning the triangular hole gets bigger and deeper until gravity pulls the tree down. there should also be mining carts you have pulled around by your mount and have to protect from rival groups as you gather resources,
    with gear it would be cool if the high level crafter would have a super rare chance , say 1 in 10k attempts to craft say a chest piece that has a bunus to Armors damage resistance. imagine how much resources youd need to get a full set of bonus DR armor. then it would make sense people would save their best enchants for those rare armor pieces.
    surveyor could be a paid service. the surveyor would charge a fee as a percentage of what you collect.he would lead you around the area to each random material location.
    a cartographer(map maker) could be used for an additional fee. the map once consumed would show specific material markers on the minimap so you could travel right to what you need. getting a cartographer map of an area would have a time delay because the cartographer would hire a surveryor to survey an area and report back. but ultimately save you a lot of time because youre not harvesting materials you dont need at that time. for competition, youd allow players who are randoml;y harvesting, happen upon a node and take it before you get there. you could have a group go with you for pvp to take the guys materials. there should be some sort of storage container you can put the materials in that isnt accessible by others so that when you take a defeated players dropped loot you can stash it before they try to get it back. or when you harvesting you can stash bits at a time incase you get ambushed or attacked.

  5. By the time this games comes out … riot's mmo will take over anyway . I dond tknow what the point of making this game anymore . 100% sure that riot mmo will be a true wow 2 and will really fun to play . Riot never disapoints

  6. Having a surveyor could work as a support for the gatherers. Like finding things and buffering the gatherers. In the end you could even have gathering parties

  7. 2:25
    There was a game under development focused on creating a world that was 100% destructible.
    INTEL BOUGHT the IP and then shut it down… the devs that had spent the last 10/15 years creating the game before intel bought it said they would work on it for free if they had to…. but intel said no.

  8. the fact youre saying "end game gathering" and then proceed to name raids in classic wow is kind of weird. youd expect the end game gathering to be a system onto itself not just another reward from raids

  9. "Cut em down! Cut them all down!". This was more intense than Spartacus' "Kill Them All!".
    Finally, something for us casual carebears to actually do in this mmo, along with getting constantly ganked of course. It's MY tree – f#$k off & leave me alone ganker! 😀

  10. the terrorgore is just sitting there as he mines, without growling, stomping, dragging feet, what is this afk nonsense. the npcs are not aggressive or threatened, just peaceful to this person????

  11. you want to know fun Fact i will never play Ashes of creation not cause i don't want but cause my PC will never Make it be it GPU or CPU with The Actual Price market

  12. around 28 minutes when you're talking about games mirroring real life, i agree completely. playing runescape growing up I learned copper and tin made bronze and different kind's of trees like oak willow yew etc. Then the game is not only enjoyable, but I'm learning real something that pertains to real life.

  13. Looks and feels beyond expectations but can we talk about hardware requirements? If this is the base graphics (obviously maxed for the test) then your gonna need a solid GPU. CPU requirement likely will be heavy as well due to all the extra physics involved. Gonna be interested to find out.


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