This Ashes of Creation Update Is Mind-Blowing

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Asmongold Reacts to Ashes of Creation RANGED combat. The most anticipated upcoming MMORPG made in Unreal Engine 5 shows mind-blowing progress..

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26 thoughts on “This Ashes of Creation Update Is Mind-Blowing”

  1. I really wish someone asked "in action targeting mode can you fire an arrow blindly into the sky (over a wall) and have it rain down and hit someone." I think that'd be really cool.

  2. Just saying this reminds me of a black wukong situation where they give good videos in an isloated space. This is great but could suck when combined with the rest ofthe game

  3. make headshots a guaranteed crit, that way free aiming has a reward, easy fix. Also make longbow have a charged aim ability that puts you into free aim regardless of combat mode you're in (and possibly in first person, would need testing as it might be immersion breaking), has a long attack range and a huge damage multiplier.


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