The World of Ashes of Creation Is Already Done

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With Ashes of Creation coming onto the scene with no lore or a franchise to build an audience off, can it really create that connection that made us to attached to our currently popular MMORPGs?
Well, in today’s video I want to discuss how Intrepid are handling this and their methods are… unique to say the least.

Apologies for the late videos mates! I had a bit of a sick day and then the leeks for alpha 2’s map completely threw me off! Expect a video about this soon and as always, Come join your brothers and sisters high on the copium in our humble discord community:

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29 thoughts on “The World of Ashes of Creation Is Already Done”

  1. The "kido" has grown up??? So many years have past of AC development that the "kido" is now old?
    What's the concept here?
    And yes I like the lore videos! I'm always hooked to a good story telling that get's me into the game! Thanks Narc!

  2. Here's something for you to convince my doubting mind of Narc: There are multiple failure points for Ashes of Creation systems content. Personally I don't think it's a question of if those systems will fail, it's inevitable that some of them will due to the sheer complexity planned. What I want to know is if the Ashes of Creation team is going to be too stubborn to make corrections. A lot of the reasons new MMOs die is in how they correct or don't correct their content. In WoWs case it's a mix of over correction and doing nothing. Treating the symptoms rather than the disease. The team is passionate but passion also breeds stubbornness. The more sure someone is of their vision for their creation the harder it is to deviate from that vision even when the audience necessary to keep that thing alive might need that deviation to carry on. I'm espeacially concerned about the complexity of freeholds, a complicated crafting system can work, I've played games that contain such a thing before. It's rarely the complexity of the crafting system that causes failure: it's the complexity of the gathering, storing or transport aspect that determines whether someone will use crafting. Also people like gathering and refining. But rarely do they enjoy only doing one of those things not in videos games. People enjoy standing on their own two feet personally I believe Classic WoW had the best general MMO crafting system I've seen in a video game in that you could be self sufficient but not completely. A lot of other MMO crafting systems have tried and failed to get that balance right. I think Ashes of Creation who has made their biggest selling point the ability for players to shape the world needs to have an engaging crafting system to survive. However I worry that the complexity of the infrastructure around crafting makes that impossible. A node can only have a certain number of citizens before the price of citizenship becomes too high, a Freehold is account linked not alt linked meaning that there's no ability to experiment with different crafts easily due to the limited space for structures. A player can only have one craft meaning someone who wants to roleplay as an alchemist gathering herbs out in the wilds or a hermit woodworker who picks out the tree he's going to turn into a beatutiful piece of furniture…can't. This applies to races too, there's no incentive for instance for someone who mains a Tulnar to interact with non-Tulnar players because they won't be able to see the Tulnar nodes if they work together with other races. I say Tulnar espeacially because I expect that like the Hrothgar, Charr, Tauren and other Hybrid races in MMOs the Tulnar will never have the population density of the other races. When you take into account that Freeholds are account specific this also means that many people will only ever main one race. Which will severely effect the ability of certain Node architectural styles to ever exist at all. This also limits what the devs can do for expansions if they add new races for instance they run the risk of destabilising the existing populations. Sure arguably adding new races in expansions isn't all it's cracked up to be and perhaps focusing on something more innate to the core gameplay loop would do the game good. But do the devs know that? There's a lot of things that can go wrong.

  3. Not trying to be rude but within the first 30 seconds of the lore telling I face palm.. where's the excitement, the originality.. dont get me wrong, I want this game to exceed as if my lungs are two infinite copacolium air compressors, but this lore seems kinda underwhelming am I wrong ?

  4. I love the dedicace to me
    But I tell the truth and it hurts you . I know
    You think I care about your patrons xD.. rofl it is just a bunch of fanboys
    And people start to realize that this game is just a graphic concept with 0 tangible proof
    And yes Pantheon is still better at every points. At least they show core mechanics and not only design update.

  5. I fell that unless the streamers are invested into the world, it will sadly be a question of popularity and monetization. While many of them will play at the time of hype and for some time after, they will always have a personal purpose with their streams nor nessacrily focusing on world / story building.

  6. one of my biggest concerns was if it would have a story and in depth lore as all I hear about the game is the pvp an nodes and was worried the world was just a backdrop to play in and not really important. So I am looking forward to more lore videos.

  7. Dude your videos have quickly become some of my favourite on youtube, please keep it up at a good pace for you! I really enjoy how entertaining your content it 😀 thanks for coming to youtube you weirdo <3

  8. I 100% sure there will be Streamer cities that will be constantly attacked by ppl that dislike them or just want a challenge , personally i would prefer to NOT have a big streamer on my server.


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