The TRUE POTENTIAL of Ashes of Creation's Combat

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With the release of this video I am finally able to get the last of my thoughts down on paper and editted into a video! I hope you enjoyed this more speculation heavy video similar to my others and I will link you to them down below.
Please rmemeber this is not confirmed information so don’t get dissapointed if Ashes of Creation’s combat progression does not take this route. I have faith they know how to create a solid combat system with meaningful progression. Kapp.

Thank god I was finally put the last of my thoughts into a script and present this for you all today. The discussion and debate revolving around the combat has been keeping me awake for weeks so hopefully now I can get some proper rest! I hope you enjoyed the speculation and come let your brothers and sisters, high on the copium know your through in the discord:

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21 thoughts on “The TRUE POTENTIAL of Ashes of Creation's Combat”

  1. Thank god I was finally able to put the last of my thoughts into a script and present this for you all today. The discussion and debate revolving around the combat has been keeping me awake for weeks so hopefully now I can get some proper rest! I hope you enjoyed the speculation and come let your brothers and sisters, high on the copium know your thoughts in the discord:

  2. I'm fantasizing about bodypartial damage. I know it's not going to happen ^^
    But think about a skill tree that let's you unlock headshots, when hitting the head with a physical weapon on your default weaponswing, slowing cast time and dealing extra dmg.
    Or crippling the movement by hitting the legs, or weaken the attackpower (or attackspeed with bows and daggers) and defensive capabilities with shields when hitting the hands.
    This could open up some interesting mechanics to PVP, where the Tanks could actually pose a threat, by hitting the mages in the head, the rogues in the legs, and other tanks or rangers in the arms. Those mechanics could be only availiable to onehand weapon and shield combination, so a rogue doesnt become the single most powerful achetype.
    To Daggers they could add a stacking bleed in a trade for attackpower. Two handed swordscould get a passive weaponcombo with a backswing, hitting the enemy a second time for 50% dmg on every third default weapon swing, since swords are double edged. Two handed Axes could get extra crit modifiers, that modify armor until out of combat for at least 15 seconds. Maces get trauma effects. Stafes could have a martial arts tree, that modifies balance and menouverability. Maybe even a legswoop. On the magical weapontree stafes get the main elemental effect you are using, by adding frost effect or fire dmg or modifying stamina with earth, or a pushback with Air. Books could give stacking spellpower while in fight with every unique spellcast, or cast time…
    one handed versions of the classic weapons get the same effect but halfed or sth. only onehand sword gets it third, since it gets both daggers bleed and second swing.
    Bows should have three different paths, where you either can choose magic effects like elemental or void or maybe even holy, Or attackspeed, or strong shots with staggering effects.

  3. The biggest problem that ESO actually don't have so much diversity in weapon choises, it's still the same meta-mentality, except that full specter of weapon diversity itself and strange endgame mechanic like cancelling animation eventually requires from meta-perspective not only identical weapons for classes, but only non-identical weapons (like destr staff for all tanks in second slot because they buff/debuff bots in this game and etc). So, purely because of the coincidences in how certain indirect mechanics fit together, this system do the same thing just from opposite side.

  4. Just a thought here, but maybe you could do a more in-depth look into MMOs and how AoC is approaching each topic.
    For example, you could cover something like griefing in general, what the different options are, and which direction AoC is taking (as best as is currently known, that is)
    Just a thought…

  5. Hi Narc, my 1st MMORPG was Perfect world. in this MMO some skills was depend from weapon.. for example blademaster has skill (dragons) that debuff +50% dmg all around, but can be used only using axes. when blademaster use swords he could use myriad that reduce dmg deal my mobs (also aoe skill). so looking that Steven want to go to ald days, probably You are write in this video, those weapon/skills system existed long time ago. But … i remember argues on global chanle that blademaster should only use axes – because dmg dealers like to see higer values of dmg they deal on dragons. So 99% of blademasters had only 1 role in party – do dragons. it was in long time class killing skill/build because that playstyle was boring. hope aches will not get that mistake

  6. i can see Steven Shariff and the AOC fanboys saying ''sO mAnY bUiLd DiVeRsITy'', we all know it will cut down to 1 meta build per class, if you dont play with this no one going to inv you to pve or pvp groups

  7. Honestly. In my opinion, class fantasies are just fantasies. Just as an example. Why would you play a ranger or hunter with a greatsword? If you could play a warrior who gets special attacks with the weapon. If every class can really play with every weapon, we won't have any more classes like in New World and we've seen what has become of it

  8. Nice suggestion i like it !!! As i say if ESO didnt have this animation cancels, AND add cooldowns, without weapon swapping just a 5 skills more on the bar, will be the best combat for me !!!

  9. So, we have passive active and weapon. Take POE with its massive build options using the points you get to specialize. GW2 is great with build options but this is going to be the classic Tank, Healer, and DPS so we will have to see how this plays out. We all want unique classes with multiple build options but when it comes down to it will every class be able to use every weapon type. This is going to be an interesting nut to crack. I hope we see combat soon. I like the fact that we are going to get a hybrid system like GW2. Having a full-on fps combat system makes it a nightmare for healing if you cannot tab target or macro key bind the person you need to get that oh crap death save heal on in a split second. If they make the system as diverse as say PoE or GW2 finding a sold group will be like gamboling. No one wants to be in a group that bails out 1/2 into a 20-minute dungeon grind because the MT cannot hold agro and is more squish than the mage who has become the MT due to agro. Also, you don't want to make it 7-year-old kid or 70-year-old grandpa mind numbingly boring. I guess I would rather have an MMORPG that people theory craft to come up with good builds and yes, some meta. If someone is going to pay say $15 per/mo. sub on this, then if they don't know how to MT a group as the tank then it sucks to be them if they get dumped after they pull the first mob. Like you I just want a solid MMORPG with systems we know work well. Give use the 80-90% of the best of the best that is currently in the MMORPG World out there right now and 10-20% new like seasons and nodes with dynamic events etc. then I am a happy camper. No New World BS that is cut and paste and missing like the basics MMORPG systems that makes a game a MMORPG. I miss the days of playing a dirge in EQ2. Buffing the group at the right times to max out dps burn times and out dpsing a pure melee dps class as a utility buff class. I was needed and valued by the guild because I was good at what I did and we had all the raid trophies displayed in the guild hall so anyone could see we ment business when it came to raiding. We had our copium air tanks topped off at the begining of each and every raid with a few spars for when we were pulling an all nighter. Good times.

  10. Starting loosing count…i think it's my 4th comment in youtube… Anyways, I love ur speculation videos m8. Keeps us dreaming and imagine how good can be AoC. We need to inhale more of that copium…and u need to pay ur rent! 🙂 Keep up!

  11. Im sorry but whats everyones obsession with "Build diversity" Why should your ranger play differently from mine, if you want a different playstyle, play a different class? I would rather all classes be playable and all class fantasies viable instead of a "diverse" single class….that is completely useless because it isnt meta.

  12. I don't really know. I just want to play a lizard man with a big sword… Hmmm… or a lizard girl with big sword…. Regardless. I want big sword with some magic skills that like "blink" to or "grab" enemy like, or just pull enemy to you, but instead of a chain, you do it with magic. I don't really know how the tulnar would be, since to my understanding they're scrapped the old concepts.

    Whatever they're doing, i sure hope it's good. That's all.

  13. I will say this right now. If ashes don't change their tab target into action combat, it's gonna lose a lot of players. Tab target is super boring, outdated and not skillbased whatsoever. Why base your combat and gameplay on tab target when WoW + FF14 exists and already does it to perfection? Theres no innovation in tab target, they are taking no risks here so no big reward

  14. Those boxer shorts 😳, as a MMO veteran I will take and try anything as long as it's original and not a copy pasta.If we do get a mishmash of the best bits of the great MMO,s out there, just make it fckn good Stephen


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