The TOP reasons why Small Guilds in ashes of creation can SUCCEED in PVP

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So today I’m going to jump into the TOP reasons why small guilds could Succeed in Ashes of Creations PvP depending on the situation. A lot of MMOs have turned into zerg only games but I want to jump into why this isn’t going to be the case and why even as a small guild of 30-50 players you can do well in sieges and open-world PvP.
In this video, ill be covering what are the benefits of being a smaller guild? What have Intrepid Studios done to balance guild sizes? And what changes have been made in this MMO to stop people from just zerging and give them an equal chance to survive in PVP?

A reminder that Ashes of Creation is an open and transparent development project of an upcoming MMO. As such, you will see work-in-progress art, systems, and mechanics and some of the information may change as the development progresses and as the game is updated to Unreal Engine 5. My video contains footage from trailers and gameplay that Intrepid Studios have created.

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5 thoughts on “The TOP reasons why Small Guilds in ashes of creation can SUCCEED in PVP”

  1. Hey all, Don't forget to drop a COMMENT on the video letting me know what do you think ? And if you Enjoy, Hit that LIKE button as it really helps the channel out.

    This week I'll be dipping Into why I believe small guilds in ashes of creation can do realy well! By no means is this a diss on Zergs but more to highlight to new comers and smaller guilds that there is a place for them in ashes if creation and to not be put off by any misinformation on it being a Zerg only game which it clearly is not.
    Hopefully we can see a nice balanced guild numbered game, but will there be Zergs! Of course but the way it will play out will benefit all guild sizes due to the systems in ashes of creation.
    Just need to see how ashes deals with people splitting there guild Into sects of 50 hopefully the limit of 4 man Alliance's work.

  2. Really good video and it's really nice to see that intrepid are taking steps to make the small guilds feel included as well as the zergs. Your damn right when you say we'll need both! Can't wait to jump into the game.

  3. I worry depending on balancing the guild talent tree that small guilds will split up into just 50 man guilds to get the power bonuses that come with that. We will see what Intrepid decides to do about that in A2. Keep it up Az! =)

  4. Well..WOW that's a lot to think about for sure, this game just gets more and more deep every time I watch your videos. I've played MMOs a LOT but the more you bring up the game of throne stuff it really is going to be crazy fun haha. Just watching all these guilds go to war, alliance's fall apart and also helping each other out, is going to bring the world alive, and from what your saying about Guild buffs and perks this will really help retain the smaller guild player base for sure!


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