The TOP 5 Reasons why politics will Affect your GAMEPLAY in Ashes of Creation & Livestream News!

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So in this video, I’ll be informing you about the top 5 reasons why politics will affect your gameplay in Ashes of Creation as well as covering this month’s Livestream. This month’s development update gave us lots of interesting information and news. It showed the key map changes they have been working on, as well new naval PVP, updated race and character models and gave us a look at the PVE Minotaur enemy race. They also leaked that next month’s Livestream will be about the ranger class and will include gameplay of the combat against the minotaurs.

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7 thoughts on “The TOP 5 Reasons why politics will Affect your GAMEPLAY in Ashes of Creation & Livestream News!”

  1. So first off BIG Thanks for the 1000 Subscribers! Let me know what your think about the political side of things drop it below in the comment section whats your opinion? and what did you think about this live stream this month and the latest content drops and info we got ?
    Enjoy the video and don't forget to give it a SHARE and a LIKE!

  2. The Open Sea PvP has reignited my friend's interest in Ashes of Creation. He had a college sponsored e-Sports Team of pirates in Archeage, and they might be getting the Band back together.

    We'd be too small to be a power, but as mercenaries for hire, yeah…

    Politics will keep us employed.

    I hope they go for it, I think I could enjoy PvP if I were part of a Crew.

  3. Gg on 1k subs you've definetly put the work in for it. The politics will be insane in ashes especially with all the ways it can affect your in game experience. Ark was bad for politics limiting your experience especially when it came to blocking off areas that you needed for progression so I can see how this could translate to ashes.

  4. Congratulations on the 1k Dude Subs! Well Earned…could see this coming way back, keep at it and keep improving on your content.
    Love your style of monthly livestreams and how you combine it with other content to make it fresh.
    I personally am unsure how the Ocean combat will play out but its certainly going to be a lot of fun. And is going to keep you on your toes.
    As for the politics I think your on the right path I just hope it does not become to Toxic and limiting to player's.
    One thing I'll say is the open world naval content is brilliant.

  5. I'm happy that Ashes knows who they are catering their game to. They aren't trying to make everyone happy with the game, they are trying to make a great game with a epic storyline for hard-core gamers and people who are willing to deal with pvp. For those who don't want to pvp I think there will still be a place for them but the game isn't catering to them very much and that's a good thing cause you can't make them all happy. Bravo.


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