The state of Ashes of Creation

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I have been thinking about the State of Ashes of Creation for a couple of days. and I thought I would take a video to address my thoughts on the current state of ashes and how the development is going. talking about armor sets, weather system, combat system, alpha key, character Creation and some other key words

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2 thoughts on “The state of Ashes of Creation”

  1. How do you feel about AoC being open world PVP do you think you're gonna enjoy it? or will it make you not wanna play after being ganked over and over ?

  2. Hio! back to watching your videos after some summer break 🙂 I like the points your making and your concers sound 100% legit, but if possible have you considered making a few vides like this one but trying to elaborate or dismantle some of the things you mention a bit more in depth? I often times find myself asking why you feel about something one way or another after wathcing your video but not having enough information on your side about this one specific thing @[email protected] just a suggestion! Keep on rocking!


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