The Problem With Ashes of Creation Content | Commentary

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I discuss the problems with making Ashes of Creation content right now. The main topics are self improvement, valuable content, the creator space. I respect all individuals who are in this video, and want no ill will to any of them. I love them all as a viewer.

Made with Xillin’s permission. Narc and Jahlon I claim fair use. But seriously, they both have such awesome content.

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2 thoughts on “The Problem With Ashes of Creation Content | Commentary”

  1. Sorry to say this man, but maybe a good idea not to go vtube route. You give very professional vibes and it kinda breaks that image.

    If you release informational videos about patch notes and group compositions and stuff, I'd probably take you very seriously.

    Xillin I'd probably get more of how things feel in game for large guilds and what the top tier content looks like.

    Narc for entertainment ofc.


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