The Most Important Ashes of Creation Update of 2022

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The September 2022 Ashes of Creation has come and gone with an awesome ranger reveal and tons of other little information tidbits.

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22 thoughts on “The Most Important Ashes of Creation Update of 2022”

  1. You made the same exact comment about the "Air Strike" ability that I made on the forums. Lol.

    I really wish they made an EXTREMELY bare bones demo for us to actually hands on test their changes. Because watching it is one thing… but it's the FEEL of combat that really sets the deciding factor about whether or not you'll like it. I want to try this ranged combat, because I'm not 100% convinced I'll like the tab-target focused ranged combat. Either using it… or more importantly, seeing what it's like when it's used against me.

  2. Steven confirmed earlier today that if something is in the way between your target (Tree, rock, player, NPC) even in tab target mode it will hit the thing in the way including mid flight if you had a clear shot and then something gets in the way. I didn't think about arrow drop.

  3. @Xillin I did not notice until re-watching the footage in your video but the mobility of the camera is amazing! Look at it in a zoomed out view (meaning don't focus on the character but look only at the landscape). It looks like the camera is on a gyroscope and it is so smooth that is it amazing.

  4. This was a great update. So much good information was shared. I'm so glad Intrepid took the feedback provided during alpha 1 and ran with it. I think they are headed the right direction for combat and look very forward to seeing it perfected.

  5. @Xillin Very good video, good content. Comment on the Nameplate thing, if you havent looked into BDO (Black Desert Online) that is a system that does the Nameplate / Guild Hiding cosmetics. They are called Ghillies and they are used plenty of ways strategically. Though one of the more common ways is in Node Wars; used on scouts that run to look for competition so there is one less moving thing to follow to spot them moving. Super fun mechanics, should look into it.

  6. Still waiting on node type details but I agree that this last live stream was 'lit' as the kids say….the ranged combat, though early looks really fluid and certainly headed in the right direction. Definitely going to play a at least one ranger. Leaning toward Falconer or Scout so far but that's what Alpha II is for. Still planning for rouge to be the class for my main but again…that's what Alpha II is for, will have a lot of major decisions to make during testing. Class, race, node type…religious affiliation ect. Going to be a lot of fun.

  7. There was a surprising amount of little details dropped in this months update. Stack that with the conformation that they seem to have a more clear direction for their combat system than we knew for sure after just the first combat update.

    Things are definitely looking good for intrepid, but there is still so much to reveal that we just don't know.

    I need to take the time and go through the last two live streams and count the times Steven talks hypothetically about game systems.

    Once you add all those things up I feel like there is either much they aren't telling us and he's great at choosing his words to deceive us or there is a ton of work yet to even begin that is going to take years to finish

  8. I'm guessing projectiles will go through friendly players. I've seen that system in other games. I also think Wildstar had a similar system with a mixture of tab target and action combat, and that worked really well. I'm also assuming the point Steven was making about secondary archetypes is that the second choice works as a off spec, so off tank, off healer etc. Not main.
    Great video!

  9. we have those answers already – during the livestream it was said we do have "bullet drop" – and steven confirmed it would hit whatever is in front even in tab mode Unless it's a friendly player, than it would go through and ignore it

  10. Want to know something funny. I brought th3 argument of projectiles having gravity up in the forms and on the discord. The arguments I got back mostly boiled down to it's an MMO not an fps. While other genres are stealing MMO ideas and adding their own spine on it to gain a younger demographic, the mmo community rather keep everything the same as it always used to be. Will the same thing bring in a younger audience?

  11. 13:30 you were talking about disguises but there was something mentioned that I think people rlooked that might take it a step farther. They were asking if you needed the bow equiped to use the ability and they said if you use the ability it would equip the bow and then re-equip the previous weapon. With the augment abilitys I think this might be a way to hide a powerfull move as a backup that can throw off any pvp'ers.


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