The Fate of Ashes of Creation Depends on Risk and Reward

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Stephen has claimed that the preservation of risk and reward is critical to Ashes of Creation, but what exactly does that mean, and how can it be achieved on a day to day basis for all kinds of players?

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7 thoughts on “The Fate of Ashes of Creation Depends on Risk and Reward”

  1. I can see where you are going with the borderland PvP incentives.
    All I will say is that, all that matters is 'choice'.
    You can not have that choice, if you dont have and aren't given the information necessary to make that choice, let alone be aware that there is even one that you can make.
    I dont mean hobsons choice by the way.
    The downside of promoting speicifc areas at the expense of others, is that you create dead zones by default.
    No different to the monopolistic consequences of min/maxing and FotM in any way, by making alternative content (choices) obsolete.

  2. Would it be possible for players to be required to raise standing with an area to enter and if not be attacked on site by npc guards and freely by players of that area? For example by doing things for that node to be upstanding and once inside can do more to enter the higher node next to it and so on. Also the further you go into higher nodes maybe there are more guards that get stronger as well

  3. I think you can have a reputation system on a per node basis.
    Obviously someone going murder hobo in one node would have a diabolical rep in that node (at least until that node is destroyed).
    But they may well be a peaceful farmer in another node.
    Thats a territorial history rather than a person to person history.
    Logging territorial history with PvP kill counts againsts each nodes citizens should be pretty straight forward and not exceptionally taxing.
    It is something that can be updated out of combat.

  4. On the topic of Standing/reputation. I am unsure if you were speaking from the point of suggesting what could be done or from the point of discussing/reporting what is being done.
    In the case of it not being that you are reporting/discussing; I think there is a system or part of a system "enemy of the state " which covers a lot of what discussed.


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