THE COMBAT IS REVEALED – Ashes of Creation June 2022 Livestream Update

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So with the conclusion of The Ashes of Creation June 2022 Livestream we are once again left shocked at the progress Intrepid have made with with this high anticipated MMORPG.
In today’s video we’re breaking down their 1 hour livestream into a condensed 10 minute hype train however I want to encourage you all to use the links below to let your feedback be known in the official channels:

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Again… Another fantastic Livestream and an unbelievable presentation. I guess my worries for the direction of their combat was coming unwarrented and I don’t think there’s anything left to worry about with this MMORPG’s development direction… right?
Anyway, Come join your brothers and sisters high on the copium using the Link to the discord:

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43 thoughts on “THE COMBAT IS REVEALED – Ashes of Creation June 2022 Livestream Update”

  1. Again… Another fantastic Livestream and an unbelievable presentation. I guess my worries for the direction of their combat was coming unwarrented and I don't think there's anything left to worry about with this MMORPG's development direction… right?
    Anyway, Come join your brothers and sisters high on the copium using the Link to the discord:

  2. Combat animations are not so impressive still, I see Guild Wars 2 Copy; but Guild Wars 2 combat and skill animations are more fluent and cooler than Ashes of Creation for sure… Therefore, Ashes of Creation combat is not so unique and impressive really…

    They talked about combat for months that will be good, or we assumed like that and this is what we get. I am not impressed at all… Nothing changed at all for years about combat, skills, movement animations to make this game unique to enjoy when you do pvp or pve… Even new upcoming mmorpg named Throne and Liberty with Unreal Engine 5 has better combat mechanics, animations, movements etc than Ashes of Creation…

    At least they should make these combat animations skills more cooler that you feel that you fight – hit the enemy etc.

    Shortly, after years following Ashes of Creation, combat mechanics, skill animations, and movements are so simple. Even the mmorpgs we don't like so much which are currently dead mmorpgs in EU Region have more unique better combat mechanic and skill animations etc, like New World, Archeage, Aion, Lineage 2, Tera Online, Blade and Soul than Ashes of Creation…

  3. Ashes of Creation THE COMBAT IS NOT SO GOOD REALLY… It is literally GW2 copy which Ashes of Creation combat is still not impressive as GW2 combat, skill animations and movement.

    I really don't see any skill animations, combat improvements comparing to old combat videos within the years.

    Something feels missing in Ashes of Creation's combat. There is no uniqueness at all. We waited for years to hope Ashes of Creation's combat, skill animations etc to be good… If a game's combat is not so good from the beginning, there is no point to play it for long term gameplay… Just look at the ELYON COMBAT + Skill animations + visuals, there is no enjoyment and uniqueness to make you play to do pvp and pve farming, grinding or fight against other players. I tried Elyon for 30 minutes something, I didn't like it. It is same for Bless Online or Bless Unleashed etc mmorpgs too… Thus, these are so important and I don't see anything special with Ashes of Creation COMBAT at all for years…

    Even the mmorpgs we complain like Aion, Tera Online, Blade and Soul, Lineage 2, New World and even Archeage (especially with Swiftblade combat – both action and tab target) have better skill animations + visuals, better combat and movement mechanics than Ashes of Creation that you don't get bored easily even spawning the same similar actions while doing pvp and pve content.

  4. This is the update after a year? Oh boy… Let's start with positives I guess.
    Customizable numbers are good, nothing to add. The movement while attacking seemed pretty good also. Collision of the weapons with the ground was good.
    But that's it really.
    There is basically 0 difference between the greatsword and the daggers. Both feel almost as fast as the other and both have the same impact on hit (meaning literally 0 impact). "Muh but it's not the final product!" blah blah blah. Stfu, ok? They had an entire year to improve. They didn't do much. Yet again showing how they're just focusing on completely unimportant details that 99% of the players will stop caring about after 2 weeks of playing, instead of the core of the game.
    Yeah, it's not as bad as before, but when Narc said: "this will surpass BDO" I legit almost fell off my chair laughing. This is not stage 3 copium, this is like stage 647 copium.

  5. The 2 handed combat looked decent until that spin cartoon of an animation. Looking like the Tasmanian Devil in an MMO is not welcomed and it is completely disconnected from the tone of everything else shown in this video.

    It would be really appreciated if they watched some videos by Shadiversity about how to make weapon movement interesting and relatively realistic.

  6. These dodges Steven does in the video are massive. I’m looking forward to see some 1vs1 battles within the new system to see the balance between dodge and gap closer of each of the Classes… that are a lot of possible duels 😅

  7. Terrible combat… Bashing monster pack by pack …with flashy "skills" and just attack spam.
    Is that all ? After 1 year.
    Just another video to show how graphics are beautifull, oh look at my Big beautifull Sword.
    Vaporware combat.. we have seen this for 10 years now. Nothing impressive
    And still 0 info about skills tree, weapons abilities, archetype which is the core of combat
    Are you really hype about this ? After 1 year
    I understand why we have shitty MMORPG for a decade..It is just gw2 combat. Exactly the same

  8. Man i was sold on this game regardless of what happens but this fills me with such excitement and i'm again reassured Intrepid knows what they are doing! Also great video!

  9. The slashes on the ground really sells the whole feel of the character being there rather than the usual feeling I get of a character in front of a green screen doing animations.

  10. ive got a bit of fear about having your movement speed limited by attacks. Generally games with fluidity and minimal interruptions to movement feel better to play overall.

  11. here is my feedback: I do prefer tab targeting, but if they are going with a mix, I hope it will be more tab targeting and less the other thing.
    the dagger attacks aren't very realistic. those are stone monsters, there is no way a dagger would ever hurt them. but this is a game, so every weapon has to work. WoW was more realistic in vanilla and TBC. Robot enemies couldn't be poisoned by the rogues, which is why rogues suck in TBC. realism weakens you 🙂
    the creatures and the armour and the mounts in this game look awesome, the art and design team have really outdone themselves.

  12. I'm looking forward to this game, but honestly; Narc's intro was better than the combat update for several reasons:

    – No feeling of danger from being surrounded and attached by 6 mobs at once.
    – Adding 'coloured lights' to every combat swing feels very Korean MMO, and effects should be reserved for occasional special attacks.
    – The AOE spin, he spins like six times in a circle with the two-handed sword, it's just too 'cartoony'. Why not spin once delivering the same damage but taking the same animation time.
    – Didn't see any dodging or positional strategy to the fighting.
    – I agree with others that the swing speed is too fast for such a large weapon.

    I'm sure that player feedback and Alpha 2 testing will improve things, but right now it looks a bit childish – sorry.


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