The Combat Direction REVEALED – Ashes of Creation is FINALLY ON TRACK

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After taking some time to digest the livestream and gather my thoughts, It’s about time i got back to work and begun releasing a short series discussing what we’re just been blessed with!
Howver today’s video is merely the start of this series overviewing the mechanics and clarifying some missconceptions that seem to have arisen.
No fear though, I’m excited to discuss this with you all in today’s video.

Link to the Offial Weapon Attack Feedback Forum:

The Combat Livestream Update Breakdown:

Apologies for the lack of intro! I have ordered a new HDMI cable and I will make sure to put double the effort into the intro for tomorrow’s video.
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27 thoughts on “The Combat Direction REVEALED – Ashes of Creation is FINALLY ON TRACK”

  1. Apologies for the lack of intro! I have ordered a new HDMI cable and I will make sure to put double the effort into the intro for tomorrow's video.
    Whilst you wait for that, why not come join your brothers and sisters high on the copium, using the link to join the discord:

  2. New World block costs stamina and if you miss use it you can be punised so its not like you can just walk thrue the mobs while blocking everything without a care in the world that is just not true.. plus you need to keep agro somehow and you 100% wont get agro by just holding the block button..

  3. Finally, a video of you where I don't have to skip the first minute! Glad there's no intro there, your cringe roleplay/acting has been gone unpunished for far too long.

  4. I think Ashes of Creation is going in the best direction they can to be its own unique system. However, I was as you mentioned a bit annoyed with the community and their nitpicking. On top of that there were quite a few boomers in the forums complaining that this isn't 1-1 to WoW and it isn't 100% Tab targeting. Imagine, a 2025 mmorpg comes out and its all tab targeting… I think Hybrids the best way to go and I hope they find a way to incorporate it so it doesn't feel clunky or weird. I just want a competitive pvp world were I can grind hours of things and get good at the game. I want to feel like im the one swinging or shooting not just standing still and pressing numbers.

    The idea of an AOE Fest, I think is misinterpreted you aren't basing it off of the combat style you are actually basing it off of the development and design flaws. Yes, with action combat you can use aoes and obviously swinging hits multiple targets. But I do think ya'll are forgetting what this game is made for. 250 vs 250 combat. Imagine trying to do only single target damage in the middle of a war of 250 people. This game needs some type of action combat for scenarios like that. Hence why I say I hope they incorporate Hybrid the right way. Which we won't know until Alpha 2 how the classes and hybrid feel together. But please put into consideration theres 250 v 250s, guild wars, always open world pvp meaning groups or guilds can be wondering together. Arenas, tournaments. Which means AOE's are going to be needed.

    Note: Also in terms of the block I think that is perfectly fine, I understand what you mean by holding right mouse button for hours is boring but some people actually enjoy that as it makes them feel more immersed rather then a rng stat for block. Especially in PVP scenarios. And for PVE Scenarios I mean who doesn't want to stand in front of a group while blocking a fire dragons breath with your shield. Kinda sounds like a moment destined for this type of game. I do hope they balance it so its not as terrible as new world (which im assuming your comparing that too) I hope that block for shield users can't mitigate 100% either and doesn't defeat every ranged person out there.

  5. I feel like i missed some info when watching the demo of the combat. Just a reference to what sort of character level we were watching. I know its still early doors and they are gauging the overall look of it but to judge it appropriately you need some context to what your watching. I mean my preference would be to make that combat a bit more slower and weighted feel and when you receive a buff from a bard or something you feel the impact more greatly.

  6. Braindeat aoe fest makes the mobs seem not a threat. And why would my character gain exp from enemies that are not a threat. 1v2 against mobs should be very hard. And 3v1 should be death with one fuck up/ undergeared

  7. I think wow rotations are boring af. Actually the reason I stopped playing.

    Also team active block. But it has to be more dark souly, in the sense that there is plenty of downtime between attacks for you to continue attacking. If they attack do fast you can only block then it's meh

  8. I agree with you about them always showing god mode gameplay. But what if this was just a level 50 character fighting level 10 rock mobs? Defeating 5-6 creatures at once would then make sense. They need to explain more like what the player level is and the mobs they are fighting. I also saw that when he blocked he took half dmg of 27 then after he took 54 dmg (9:23). I wonder if it will work with magic dmg as well. Yeah, we need to see more but I do believe they tried to show some combat which was a risky move since they weren't showing everything about combat. We all have lots of questions still unanswered. We need to see more and test for ourselves to see how it feels since it will be Hybrid and a new kinda Hybrid at that.

  9. I'm not a massive fan of everything being splash damage. I like the idea of having 1 main target. Sure maybe you hit other mobs close by with splash, but the dmg output on those mobs should be minimal unless you are specced into it. But yeah it seems like these updates, Stephen is in god mode and doesn't reflect the intentional gameplay.

    I hope that they keep in mind that it is an MMO and while I value solo content, group content needs to feel good and not an AOE fest like GW2 dungeons did back when it was released.

    Meaningful gameplay > over the top IM A GOD gameplay. We have ARPGs for that.

  10. Sounds like combat is an amalgamation between WoW and LoL, so it should be fun and intuitive. However, the combat is the least of my concern. I am worried about the very basics.

    AoC is an open world game yet the world seems empty. The leveling process is supposed to take multiple years, but what exactly are low level players supposed to do? Pay taxes? Get steam rolled by high level guilds competing for nodes? Stare into the sun for an hour a day then log? I've watched several videos on this game and I can't think of one compelling reason to buy it.

    I feel like this game is far away from being ready for an alpha much less a release. We need to see regular dudes get on the game, make a character, explore towns, level up, pvp and kill bosses.

  11. I think AoE pulls are fun, but should be kept within reason. It should be the reward for having the right loadout, class setup, or group composition.

    A reasonable example would be the Bozjan Cluster farm in FFXIV. You need to spend a lot of time initially unlocking actions and potions and getting a party that grant the passives and temporary buffs that then allows you to do those kind of AoE pulls. And don't get me wrong, the pulls are still difficult. One wrong global you're probably dead.

    An unreasonable example would be like the Mage level boosting services people pay for in WoW Classic. Of course as a mage you should be able to pull a ton of stuff and Flamestrike -> Blizzard it down, that's incredibly fun. But, I think it's unreasonable to assume you should be able to pull an entire dungeon (like Maraudon for example, I'm not kidding, the entire dungeon including bosses) and just AoE it down invalidate the ENTIRE leveling experience and world designed for a paying customer.

    My point is, being able to do AoE pulls is fun. You come to appreciate those pulls a lot more when the majority of the gameplay is initially thought provoking, but also not so hard you just give up. Having the ability to AoE pulls at the outset, like having the ability to do or gain anything easily or with little to no sacrifice, makes it a bit soulless and unable to be appreciated. These fun pulls should be a reward for hard work and coordination.

    Also there's a part of me that's extremely against it because of cheaters/scripters/botters. IMO Every game design principle or mechanic that can be designed as originally intended, but also kept in mind without damaging it's initial purpose, that can purposefully HARD prevent abuse from actual cheaters, then it should be done 100%. That or just rangeban china, but my point basically is it has a place and should be an occasional let-us-have-for-fun or something hard to work toward if the rewards have meaningful and server wide reverberations.

  12. I totally agree with you. If the blocking mechanic isn't blocking 100% of damage then there is no problem with that, you can adjust the stats at your will and make relevant a blocking stat.

  13. Awesome update. I agree with you Narc, I want the world mobs to be dangerous, not something that can be mowed down. I’m curious how intrepid will innovate on mob ai. Remember murloc’s from classic WoW fleeing to get help? I hope that this intelligence is kicked up one more notch for the next generation of mmo.


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