The CLOSEST Ashes of Creation Experience You Can Have IS THIS

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ArcheAge has always been a huge inspiration for Ashes of Creation however the game is very far from how it was back in it’s hayday due to corperate publishers destroying it.
But despite this there are still alot we can take from ArcheAge: Unchained here in 2022 and in this video we’ll be discussing all the mechanics in ArcheAge that are similar to Ashes of Creation.

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Is it just me or are a few of them ArcheAge clips I had laggy af? I was too lazy to go back and re-record… I’m sure it doesn’t matter… I’M NOT LAZY YOU ARE.
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30 thoughts on “The CLOSEST Ashes of Creation Experience You Can Have IS THIS”

  1. Main mission til you get your first land plot. Then party with someone running a healer build with the AoE 1 tap. Then go grind the high level area to ascendancy. Finish story mission to where you get the tractor. Go find a new game not pay to win and broken to hell. Done.

  2. The trade packs were changed if I'm not wrong. Certain packs can only be turned in to certain enchants. No more traveling further for more money Narc. If you can get a plot cinderstone Moore straight across the water is the easiest. You can risk the pvp going straight across or sail slowly around the beach to stay in pve waters.

    Packs sale on "freshness" now. Instead of distance for money it's speed for money.

  3. I had nothing but trouble with Archeage, on the first launch I got wrongly banned and it took a month to get my account back and after that it was really frustrating.
    I played unchained when it released to give it another chance and…. well about 2-3 months in I got a dll. error that I couldn't fix and the support was non existent, couldn't run the game at all and that was that.
    The grind for gear is fine, but it's….. well it's a grind. I love the class system but it also angles heavily into a certain few builds that are just stronger in general.
    Having heroes for the factions is still one of the most memorable awesome things in the game and having some badass with a golden dragon come landing into a giant PvP battle was probably my top moment in any game i've ever played.
    Trade packs I thought were really great if you were trying to make money and was a decent system.

    The game is definitely worth a try as it is quite enjoyable and I would proabbly still be playing to this day if I didn't get unlucky with errors and bans etc.

    Have fun gamers.


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