The Cleric Overview | Pre Alpha 1 | Ashes of Creation

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A short video talking about everything we know about the cleric as of pre alpha 1 in ashes of creation. A friend told me I was too wordy, and I agreed, so I cut as much BS as I could out of the video. I hope that I’ve done well on this. There are a couple improvements I could probably make in regards to this, but so far, I’m happy.

Ashes 101:


2 thoughts on “The Cleric Overview | Pre Alpha 1 | Ashes of Creation”

  1. Thanks For The Upload! <3

    Hoping that we get group augments so that passive effects can also transfer to other attackers.
    Having more then one Cleric using Castigation for instance should boost the passive mana return.

    If your looking for feedback on improving the videos, I would suggest sneaking into the discord of another AoC content creator and stealing all his ideas and simps to make a rival community!!

    Or just watch other videos and ask other creators about their process.
    Everyone in the AoC community really should support each other as much as possible, the more videos and information we can get out collectively the bigger the community can grow, the more potential the game has to get good.


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