The Character Creator to Rule Them All – Ashes of Creation March 2022 Developer Breakdown

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This is my recap of the March 2022 update from Intrepid studios about Ashes of Creation. This month we had the character creator revealed along with a bunch of other good information.

This character creator is incredibly impressive for how early of a stage it is. We can see the amazing production quality that Intrepid intends for Ashes of Creation. The team over at Intrepid even had fun memeing on Asmongold as they created a preset in the character creator of him.

I am hoping that next month we get more information on the combat system and the changes they have made to combat. Maybe even a class reveal or two.

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12 thoughts on “The Character Creator to Rule Them All – Ashes of Creation March 2022 Developer Breakdown”

  1. Whew, this game will close to a 500gig download. I'm so glad they are moving away from the instanced raiding. I detest it. Can't stand it, would rather be pulled across the desert by a pack of mules than to do the same raid boss and have them on farm….ughhhh…but the different story arcs for lore specific bad guys depending on the things Steven mentioned is so refreshing….the lore hounds will be kept very busy. Great vid as always, do some more on unreal 5. BTW, was blown away from the cc today.

  2. I was really happy the Vek looked so close to their concept art, I really cant wait to see the other races now and the female models. The humans still look a little uncanny to me, i cant quite put my finger on what it is but they look so much better than what they did.


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