The BEST UPDATE YET – And It's Not Even Close: Ashes of Creation May 2022 Developer Update

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I’m still in slight shock how unbelievable this month’s Update is and I don’t even bother with a description – Just watch the video to find out for yourself.

30 Minute Gameplay Video With Steven Sharif And The Environment Devs:

Seasonal Weather Overview in the Riverlands:

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WOW… What an unbelievable update and I’m still kinda speechless so I can’t think of a joke to convince you to come join the discord… So just come join the discord and discuss this amazing update with your brothers and sisters high on the copium:

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38 thoughts on “The BEST UPDATE YET – And It's Not Even Close: Ashes of Creation May 2022 Developer Update”

  1. My Notebook (Acer with Ryzen 7 and a GTX 1650) almost cried just watching this live. I sincerely hope it works, but just in case, I'm going to start saving up to buy a better PC to play this wonder. This project won me over with the presentation of the character creation system that was not even finished, but seeing the new movement of the character (which wasn't even the focus of the live) only made me want to play more.

  2. He`s doing what i thought GRIM DAWN should do with cross class skills, an reasonable and coherent evolution from TITAN QUEST duo class.
    Season is cool, hope they can add lots of dynamics interactions.

  3. Dude im seriously geeking out… it looks awesome!!! But we still have to wait years for it to come out… which breaks my heart 😭😭

  4. Ok great, but let's be honest here, all this crap doesn't matter. Rather than spend years on unnecessary details they should make a game with good gameplay and worthwhile content and release it.

  5. MUDs let abilities play with weather. It can be fun poking around in AlterAeon and realizing a druid was through and changed the weather to enable/disable some of their abilities (or do it yourself if you want to toss mana at the problem and have enough of the druid archetype trained up). Though they seem a bit of a ways away from doing that ATM.

    Like persistent character a bit too much to bother with a wiping alpha for no though.

  6. I'd rather just have the MMO and they can polish and perfect the seasonal changes over the course of years similarly to how WoW's water graphics and physics slowly evolved. I just want the game to come out because of it's unique node system, I don't need everything to be ultra hyper polished on day 1. What we've seen here is more than enough for a release version.

  7. Wow ! The possibilities !
    I enjoyed the wind in the trees. The dust devil.
    The thought of how the biomes will differ with the seasons and how it effects
    gathering and exploration.
    I understand why they they are holding off on combat , the possibilities of weathers impact on combat is very very interesting !
    Fog , rain , darkness hampering ranged , mud and cold affecting melee . Collision affecting everyone.
    Will a build that's meta in one season in one biome be the butt in and other ?
    How can players manipulate or impact the environment ?
    Hot summer day with a wind and start a wild fire ???
    Weather affecting trade , trade routes .

    So many possibilities.

  8. I agree with Asmon's 1 month in between season changes. It gives rarity to items which are only available on that certain season and it also give that special feeling of a new season comes in

  9. This was amazing. And I don't want to point out one negative but when the winds increased the water in the backgound never changed. But overall this has me super excited for the game.

  10. I wonder what winter in a volcano biome would look like? A pathway opens up bc the lava is frozen over? Or a swamp? Does the water freeze over making it easier for caravans to travel across? So many questions??

  11. WIKED!!! Alpha 2 …HERE I COME!!!!….Gonna be farkn tits …..LG mo fo's LG!!!! <3 <3 <3 :))) I cant believe its almost here…2 weeks since kickstarter launched and 7ish years later..BEST LEAP OF FAITH I EVER MADE WITH A 150$ LOLOL……..PS ..Anyone got a spare 3.5k Aud$ for a new Rig ??? 😛 jkjk BUT seriously i have to buy a new rig for this :))) <3 <3 <3

  12. I am super happy to see them taking another pass at the animations. Previous iterations were stiff and New World-ish, now I'm seeing the liveliness and sense of weight and momentum that I've seen in the likes of Guild Wars 2. I think I'm becoming a real AoC Andy now.

  13. 1 week is way too short.
    Better would be a 4 week cycle.
    First week builds to the peak of the seasonal changes and hold there for 2 weeks.
    Final week sees a slow change to the next season's beginning cycle.

  14. Dude, that cloak with the shark teeth is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. The teeth are facing inside… If someone pulls the cloak, you're going to bleed out lol.


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