The 10 Best MMORPGs To Start 2021 Off Right!

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The 10 Best MMORPGs To Start 2021 Off Right!
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It’s 2021, and with the new year comes a new selection of MMORPGs, right? At least, new MMOs are on the horizon.. Elyon, Lost Ark, PSO2: New Genesis, New World, Blue Protocol, Ashes of Creation, ArcheAge 2, Crimson Desert.. but what about right now? What MMORPG or MMORPGs should we be investing time into currently while we await the inevitable? That’s what we’re here to talk about today: 10 of the best MMORPGs to begin – or come back to while we wait for new games to release.

What do you guys think though? What is your top 10 list of the best MMORPGs right now? Let me know down in the comments below and let’s talk about it.

MMORPGs in this list:
Final Fantasy XIV
Guild Wars 2
Phantasy Star Online 2 (’cause New Genesis)
The Elder Scrolls Online
Lost Ark (since it’s coming this year)
Black Desert Online
World of Warcraft


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The Elder Scrolls Online in 2020:
Blade & Soul in 2020:
RIFT in 2020:
TERA in 2020:
Guild Wars 2 in 2020:
Dragon Nest in 2020:


44 thoughts on “The 10 Best MMORPGs To Start 2021 Off Right!”

  1. So my top 10 mmos hmm
    Firefall (Server down)
    Black desert online
    Project Genom (Server down)
    Guildwars 2
    4 story
    Metin 2
    Grand fantasia
    Ragnarok online
    Tise AR not the best mmos but the mmos I had the most fun with

  2. I'm just gonna stick with Blade and Soul. I've been playing that for years and spent so much money in it. I just play the single player storyline and do PVE. Never did like PVP personally and trying to compete with the Whales in that game is just insane. I'm still having fun though but it's something to keep me going until the next big MMO releases.

  3. I'm brand new to pc gaming. Im getting my first laptop in a couple days. I think final fantasy would be amazing to start, i watched your video about it and it was Awsome. Ive always been a gamer. I grew up playing video games. Every console but never pc. I really want to try a new experience. Im very excited about my new PC!! I hope to win so I enjoy a new chapter of gaming. Thanks!

  4. this might be a unpopular opinion but honestly I think bdo is really overrated and actually not that good of a game sure it has flashy combos and good graphics but other than that the game lacks a lot of content I just feel like there not much to do it feels more like a solo game play until you hit the end game and you can just pvp but for people like me who just wanna pve there like nothing there

  5. If I win the I'd like the game shown @ 0:53 and if it's free then some future expansions for Blue Protocol would be very nice. Or even ESO would be appreciated. Keep up the good work! (and the 6 videos per week)

  6. I want to get back into playing MMORPG. I used to play Order and Chaos and fell in love with MMO Anime such as Log Horizon and Sword Art Online. I want to dive into those worlds again, level up and really have a cool experience again. 🙂

  7. The only thing I remember of the story in GW2 is the part that it contradicts itself with every new chapter. I stopped playing after 7 years so maybe something changed since then – yet again but not really. But the story goes like this: we killed a dragon, we killed another dragon, we probably shouldn't be killing all those dragons, we killed yet another dragon, I'm your god now

  8. I searched for best mmos to play now and this guy pops up. watched 3 of his videos 2019 ,20 and this one and they are literally the same video. Just wow top tier content right here.

  9. Black Desert is amazing right now I think. If I was to put money on any MMO bringing the best future content it would be Black Desert hands down. In Pearl Abyss there is no better developer out there for inspiration and new ideas for an mmo. So what if there is RNG in the game for upgrading gear. (You can still save your gold and buy the best gear) Getting the best in slot gear I think should be a rewarding experience or a challenge because BDO is meant to be played for years and years, rushing the game would leave you with nothing to do lol…. With the max upgraded season gear anyone can have sufficient gear to grind even the most challenging mob packs that require 240 ap+.. The game got easier for newbies.

    Personally I think Black Desert has an amazing story throughout all the zones I'm not sure what Story Stix was doing 😂, No joke when I first saw the new Zone city O'draxxia with its epic music I was fu.cking crying lol. Its an epic new zone city and with BDO's new snow zone coming next, Black desert will only keep on getting bigger and better with new and better features. I've played every MMO but BDO is a keeper for those wanting a new MMO that will keep on getting better and not let you down patch by patch like other mmo's we've seen.

  10. I have recently shifted from working to being disabled and have a lot of time on my hands and would love to find an MMORPG to dive into. I played a few MMORPGs in the past to help deal with my depression and I think I could use a good one to help me with that again.

  11. what you started saying at 19:25 i 100% agree with you, I looooved vindie and played it for 5 years straight since OB and my one wish is that they take its combat (and characters) and toss them into a beautiful open world like black desert or the like and BAM id play that for life!

  12. I have looked at 5-7 of your latest mmorpg list vids and in every vid the first 1-2 min has clips from a game that looks amazing but is never mentioned and in every video people keep asking what the game is called with no answer. what is the name of the game at the start of your vid that looks like a anime styled monster hunter?


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