TBC Warrior 2v2 Arena with Hpal!! Live Commentary!

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36 thoughts on “TBC Warrior 2v2 Arena with Hpal!! Live Commentary!”

  1. I played shockadin ms warrior in tbc up to 2500ish idk what that rating is equal to on retail but on blacke dragon flight server we were in the top 10 .. man I miss these days can't wait for tbc.. shockadin ms War was huge burst pressure I member killing alot of healers in the first few seconds or at least getting all there cds then it was gg

  2. HPal is okay. But its just REALLY REALLY HARD. It was always rare to see a HPal high in arena with all the druids and priests. I played a lot of Arena and could only get 1850 2v2 and a bit over 2k in 5v5.


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