Tank Participation, The Sequel

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Jamie and Anie give their opinion on the most recent Tank Discussions from the Ashes of Creation forum. From how Tanking feels in PVP to how all 8 classes in Ashes of Creation should function and more!

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6 thoughts on “Tank Participation, The Sequel”

  1. The tanks for pvp in Rift were whew….they hit like a Mac truck…I wish I still played Rift I knew 3 tank guys who would be great Commentors for the pvp aspects of tanks. (This was until Trion gave them a healing ability and now they are just unstoppable. ) I think Rift still has their soul tree up on the web, give it a gander and make a build.
    Other than that I don't have anything to add, never played a tank.

  2. My experience in tanking in eso pvp was good, you have to get best in slot to do damage while staying tanky and it still sucks in pve. It was fun having a full reflect damage sorcerer, dashing around spamming health shields and executing the people who get too low.


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