Tangents of Creation | Episode 8 – Ranged Roundtable

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Come with Jamie and Anie on another tangent-filled rabbit hole as they explore Ashes of Creation and what we currently know. This week they discuss the ranged combat reveal shown during the Ashes of Creation September 2022 Dev Stream! Was it everything they wanted and more or was it a complete train wreck? Listened to find out! Also towards the end of the episode, things get very chaotic as Jamie and Anie overshare in their tangenty ways!

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9 thoughts on “Tangents of Creation | Episode 8 – Ranged Roundtable”

  1. I think they should really just drop the tab mode as well bc from what they showed us it seemed the the action mode was everything that tab mode was with the addition of a crosshair and soft lock. No point to have both really

  2. The orcs from the Warcraft movie are a perfect representation of what orcs should look like. And they even do a good job showing that they can be different colors and classes (mage, warrior…) now they just need to come out with a sequel lol.

  3. Heyo, didn't even finish the video yet but just wanted to say that both of you quickly become people I'm following for Ashes content. Been enjoying the chill discussions, keep up the good work πŸ™‚


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