Tangents of Creation | Episode 7 – PKing, Gathering and a Corrupted Death Chip

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Come with Jamie and Anie on another tangent-filled rabbit hole as they explore Ashes of Creation and what we currently know. This week they discuss gathering in an open PVP world and touch a bit on the corruption system, stay tuned to the end to hear Jamie take the One Chip Challenge. As always it was a tangent-filled adventure but this may have been the most tangented episode of them all!

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6 thoughts on “Tangents of Creation | Episode 7 – PKing, Gathering and a Corrupted Death Chip”

  1. I know Steven wasn't interested in boosts, but for those of us that work full time it sure would be nice if accounts with less then 20 hours a week could qualify for a xp boost. One of the worse feelings of any game I played is being to late to the party a year later once I level. You guys are also doing a great job btw. Not many creators out there like this. I hope you guys blow up!!

  2. I think what most people are afraid of is that they think this is going to be another wow gank box and it isn't. IF you are going to be ganking people you won't last long, people WILL know who you are and you will have a very hard life getting invited to things and even completing content. Great stream, keep em coming!

  3. I honestly wouldn't worry about PKing a lvl 1 as a high level, the stat reduction from the corruption you'll gain will destroy your character and make it useless really really fast. Maybe sometimes a random person will get killed a couple times here and there because some people don't care about consequences. But it won't be continuous and it won't last long, nor will it be common, I'm willing to bet money on that


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