Tangents of Creation: Can Ashes Survive in the Current MMO Landscape?

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Kaos and Lace try, poorly, to answer if Ashes of Creation can survive the current MMO market where players are looking for instant gratification and theme park gameplay. As usual, the episode devolves into a derailed chaotic mess, but would you expect anything different?

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9 thoughts on “Tangents of Creation: Can Ashes Survive in the Current MMO Landscape?”

  1. The last game had partial loot drop, about 80% of the most valuable equipment, materials, and money as well as stat loss which remained even after the manditory corpse runs. Trust me when I say multiple concurrent deaths sucked especially once you lost your armor and weapons and you had to use old gear.

    I remember dieing two or three times just running from town to town. The threat level made the world feel exciting.

    I don't think there will be PKing within the cities. Guards will kill the aggressor before they can leave the city as well as having corruption which prevents access to all services.

  2. Hey there K&L, loved this episode! I found the PVP discussion (the distinction between fighting on-level players, versus hunting down lowbies) really interesting.

    Do you take questions for upcoming episodes? If so, I'd love to ask: "given what we know about the game so far, what are you most excited for in Ashes of Creation, and what are you most concerned by?"

  3. good, cuse games now adays are so simple minded andeasy, there no rewards realy if everything is easy, GAMES got to be like EQ one, not even WoW wo was simple compare to EQ one, and yes i play uo as well all this games when they ere brand new, and play most games that are new now aays they all suck compare to old games. EQ one keep in hook for 19 years and i like pvp as well but they have to be pve as well and no instance and not all classes shude be able to heal like you were a cleric and so on so on !

  4. as far a non combatant. whatsa supose to happen is , that guy who in a guild will get a escort for warriors protedting the minners or tree choppers what ever, they have guild mates have a caravan of guards, not to mention it opens door to new type of adv, and reward and diplomacy,

  5. whats more in open world pvp. wich what i love, they can play into play unless its guild vs guild war, a player cant pvp a player, if there is a diference betten 5 lvl. no a 20 lvl cant attack a 10 lvl. BUT it can if his 15 lvl. like i said unless if the guilds are in war then free for all everything gos. unless in a city that shude be non pvp places unless its a player MADE city. but if its a non player city it shude be safe !

  6. the last frontier on earth not realy alaska. or the hemelias it is Mariana Trench. deepest part of the ocean in world noone has been down there we cant get to it not even today with subs or anything, so ya ocean in game special deep dark mystic place always adds to a mmo war ships giant sea sankes and what not


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