Tab Target vs Action Combat | Ashes of Creation Commentary

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Talking about tab vs action combat and what I think about it. Honestly, not too thrilled with this one. Commentary’s fine, aside from my usual “wordy” way of talking. I need to fix the way I speak. It’s too wordy. Editing is nonexistant.


2 thoughts on “Tab Target vs Action Combat | Ashes of Creation Commentary”

  1. Lol, whiners gonna whine….headshots and aiming in an mmo is a horrible idea. What we don't want is a 1 button wonder toon like many other MMO's have done. For an mmo, it's TAB for me. Keep the vids coming!

  2. I like action combat but my worry is the application of action combat to enemies as well. If a ranger can shoot an arrow, the enemy conveniently moves out of the way and misses, I should be able to do that too when the enemy fires back. A major turn off is when every enemy has a military styled homing missile strapped to them with near infinite range. Ranged enemies can easily become the worst type of enemies if they do not match the type of combat you are presented with.


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